Wow ‘Em With Waist Training


We all want that gorgeous hourglass figure that we see stars like J.Lo having.

So, we eat healthfully.

We work out.

But, sometimes, we still don’t see the results that we’re looking for.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret I’ve found: waist training.

No, I don’t mean training with a personal trainer. I am talking about revisiting corset days of the past with a new, updated (and more healthy) tool that trains your waist – and body – into that hourglass figure we want.

Instant results. We all love Spanx for their ability to disguise, but Royal Lioness Waist Trainers ($41.50 – $49.50) take it to a whole new level. The royal nude waist trainer is a miracle worker, ideal for wearing under bright hues or light pastels because the nude color disappears right under your favorite outfits. And, they have a huge variety of colors and styles, perfect for inclusion in any wardrobe. But, instead of just hiding your figure flaws, it actually helps improve them, while you’re wearing it. Yes, really!

What does it do? A Royal Lioness waist trainer instantly hides 1-4 inches off your waist! Just like that. A great alternative to other figure-slimming undergarments, it actually burns excess fatty abdominal tissue through thermogenics technology. It targets your entire abdomen, including your waist, upper abs and lower abs. Another bonus? It helps to straighten your torso for instant perfect posture.

So, how does “thermogenics” work? Thermogenics increases heat in a certain area through metabolic stimulation. It is initiated by compressing the waist with a particular type of heat-storing material. This material is comprised of the perfect percentage and combination of cotton, latex and polyester, for maximum thermogenic burn.

How do I wear it? For optimal results, the waist trainer should be worn for at least two hours a day, and no more than 8 hours a day. I prefer to wear mine while working out, because it helps you sweat more and burn more calories, all while targeting your stubborn abdominal area. If worn just 2 hours every day, you will see a lasting reduction in your waist of at least 4 inches!

While it’s a great tool…it is not a cure-all. Don’t forget that for maximum benefits and effects, you need to use your waist trainer in conjunction with a healthy diet and a daily workout schedule. While you’ll see results regardless, the healthier you are, the more results you will see.

Real results. I am living proof of this! I’ve been using my Royal Lioness waist trainer when I work out for about five months, and have been AMAZED by the results. My waist has been reduced by two inches. And, it’s surprisingly convenient. I wear it when I work out, I wear it when I travel, and I have worn it under a fab little lace dress to the Country Music Awards. Anyone can add this to their routine and see results! A big bonus is that I have found it to be a great reminder of my posture. We all get tired and as we grow older our posture is affected. Remind yourself to sit up straight, hold in your stomach and keep your shoulders back.

Important note: You should never wear a waist trainer so tight that you cannot breathe or are cutting off your circulation. Be healthy and make smart choices.

Royal Lioness Waist Trainer

Moll Wants To Know: Pick up a Royal Lioness Royal Waist Trainer, try it for a month, and let me know your results! I have no doubt that you’re going to feel like you discovered the biggest fitness secret in the world, like I do.