What’s Your Color Story? | BROOKE BURKE-CHARVET


Whether you realize it or not, color rules—rules your home, rules your emotions, rules your life. Your emotional response to color is based on your experiences and memories, and like any memory, color can evoke happy feelings—or not-so-happy ones. I have experienced the transformative power of color first-hand in my own life. I want to inspire people and join in the journey as they explore their own color story and share how they begin to live in color! Little did I know while writing Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color, I was actually playing a role in my BFF, Brooke Burke-Charvet’s color story. It touches my heart that I played a part in helping her discover a new love of color, and I’m honored that she is happy to share her color story!

It’s a summer afternoon at my local flower shop on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, and I’m shooting a vlog with my BFF. I’m dressed in a grape Prada dress, Moll is wearing a purple bohemian silk top and tattered boyfriend jeans, and we are surrounded by a sea of mauve gardenias while arranging fuchsia orchids. We’re in a purple haze, and Moll is tripping out on a full-blown color high, painting the background of our next shot like an enchanted artist. We lounge on a lavender velvet sofa and I see her size up its potential. “If I had a place for this beauty, I would buy it right now,” she announces, declaring her full adoration for this weirdly shaped, obnoxiously lavender behemoth of a sofa.

When I first met Moll Anderson, I had no idea how much she would color my world. She lives her own dazzling message of brightening up life with color, whether she’s arranging dozens of yellow roses in a vase or applying a touch of teal eyeliner to enhance her soulful eyes. Moll inspires me to be brave. Against my every instinct, I bought the curvaceous lavender velvet sofa that afternoon, and the spell it had cast over Moll immediately took hold of me. That one improbable, impractical decision triggered what proved to be an important transformation in my life. I had somehow introduced not just a new piece of furniture into my space but a soft, new energy into my entire being. The sofa commanded a new, pastel palette: out went my familiar green, orange, and brown accents, and in came soft, feminine purple, silver, and pink tones. My day-to-day outlook felt light and fresh.

That crazy purple sofa is a symbol of gentle change for me, bearing testimony to a certain time and mood, and the shift to an unabashedly feminine chapter of my life story. It’s a statement piece in every sense of the word. Some things that we bring into our homes not only reflect our style; they reflect our souls. Color doesn’t merely say something to you—it says something about you. I never knew I loved lavender until I lived with it, and I never knew I needed lavender until Moll said so.

I used to be a black and white and neutral kind of girl, attracted to and comfortable in the earth tones of the Arizona desert where I grew up. It wasn’t until Moll introduced me to one of our favorite artists that I entertained the possibility of bright, neon colors living on my great-room wall. At first I thought the art was adolescent and resembled a scribbled chalkboard. Now I bask in the childlike ambiance and playful mood that detail brings into my home.

Color speaks to all of us in many ways, often subtle and even silent. It isn’t about the perfect décor, nor is it about choosing just any color of paint to match your décor. Color is about where you find your happy place, and what mood it inspires in your life. Finding the right fit is important, but what sets Moll apart is her uncanny way of getting you to let your color guard down, to open yourself up to the surprise and delight of unexpected revelation.

Moll’s guidance and exercises will help you discover what tones can help design the space of your dreams. Moll has now captured colors beyond the rainbow and defines them in a language that we can see and feel. She represents all colors to me—even ones I never knew, until now. If you are ready to stop living in black and white and color your personality, this book will help you find the perfect tone.


* * * Foreword from Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color: What’s Your Color Story? * * *

What is your color story?  Which colors are meaningful and inspiring to you? And how do you know? I hope you will continue with me on this fun and introspective journey because you do have a color story!

We all have them, and it’s so exciting to watch others come alive as they begin to put together all the pieces of their personal color stories. So come on, Change Your Home, Change Your Life™…with Color! And share with me…What’s Your Color Story?