There Is Something About Color! – Su Casa Winter 2017


Here we are in the dreary days of winter—the sunlight has dissipated, the skies are often gray and gloomy, and the luxurious landscape is now replaced with neutral tones of a world gone to sleep. In my current column out now in Su Casa Magazine, I share that here is no better time than right now to be bold and to transform your life from beige monotony to a world filled with beautiful, vibrant colors.

transform your life with color

I’ve just finished my new book “Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color: What’s Your Color Story?” My excitement over the message is just welling up in me. I cannot wait for the book to be released in March! I believe I was meant to share my journey about color, and this book is all about the transforming power that color has on your home and your life.

Whether you realize it or not, color rules—your home, your emotions, your life. Your emotional response to color is based on your experiences and memories, and like any memory, color can evoke happy feelings—or not so happy ones.

I was personally transformed emotionally and physically by finding out and understanding what my “color story” was all about. We all have one, and I hope that I will encourage you to begin your own colorful journey.

what hue is truly for you?

Color inspiration can come from almost anywhere. Consider the images and photos you have captured in your life, and use these to call attention to the colors that have surrounded you. What do your photo memories reveal? What colors and color combinations are you drawn to? Is there a common thread?

Start capturing what speaks to you and use it later as inspiration to create something special. No longer are these photos just memories—now they are documented inspiration. I call it insta-inspiration!

It’s not always about a full remodel of your space. Sometimes a little color comes to the rescue just when you need it.


This beautiful Instagram pic of the bird in the middle of the blanket of white snow only goes to prove that a pop of color can add instant energy to ordinary spaces and even add life to dreary places. By pulling the colors directly from the picture you can create an amazing color palette.

Bright pillows, plaids, blankets and other bedroom wear on shelves

Pillows, blankets, and throws can bring color to a neutral sofa or bedroom—plus they always add a touch of warmth.

Cranberry Mojito portioned in glasses decorated with coconut. selective Focus

Having a get-together? Have colorful cocktails waiting on a tray to greet your guests as soon as they walk through the front door.