The Perfect Marriage of Masculine Meets Feminine Hues: My Pantone-Inspired Picks Fall 2015


You all know how important I think it is to balance the masculine and feminine shades in a house. And this fall, it looks like Pantone agrees with me. The 10 shades they’ve selected for Fall 2015: An Evolving Color Landscape features both subdued and more vibrant colors. The earthly neutral hues of the fall palette don’t have the pop of energy that I love, but many people will be drawn to them for reasons they may not understand. Maybe it reminds them of a house they grew up in or a favorite place from your past experience. Color elicits an emotional response in us and our feelings regarding color are attached to our memories both positive and negative.

Pantone has a good track record of predicting major fashion trends, thanks to their seasonal color picks. Looking at these fall picks, it looks like androgyny will be ruling our fashion and home décor sectors. And, newlyweds, take note – these shades are friendly to both genders, so get ready to start decorating! And, if you’re a little sad to see summer say goodbye – don’t fret – instead, get ready to say hello to some heavenly hues this autumn. This week I will feature my five Pantone picks that are bright enough to add some cheer to this season of falling leaves.

AMETHYST ORCHID: Truly the jewel of the Pantone shades, this violet shade is enigmatic, energetic and full of romance.

Pantone_AmethystOrchid copy

*Try it: As a seasonal throw to complement a light, neutral sofa, as a trendy – and whimsical – raincoat, or as a shimmering eyeshadow or eyeliner on the eyes, particularly fetching on brown, hazel and green eyes.

MARSALA: Robust. Romantic. SEXY. These are but a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Pantone’s Color of the year. The winey brown of Marsala makes me think of enjoying a hearty Italian meal, with a big glass of Chianti – you know…the kind of meal that leaves you wanting more.

Pantone_Marsala copy

*Try it: As a shade in the dining room (or somewhere you’ll be eating, drinking, entertaining and seducing), as a gorgeous fall velvet evening gown, or as a bold, sexy lip for a date night you’ve been looking forward to.

CADMIUM ORANGE: If dreary fall colors are getting you down, fear not – Cadmium Orange is here! This pop of color tips its hat to the mod days of the 60s and the sunniness of the 70s, adding a playful and sophisticated flavor to your fall palette, in the process. It’s the perfect shade to add some color, while keeping an equal masculine/feminine color aesthetic.

Pantone_Cadmium Orange copy
*Try it:
As a delightful duvet, a whimsical office chair, or a splash of subtle sunshine as polish on the toes.

BISCAY BAY: This dreamy, deep teal can cool warmer tones, and add serenity to any space or ensemble. Think deep Caribbean waters here.


*Try it: As the perfect paint for the walls of your powder room, by wearing it with kelly green staple pieces for a ladies luncheon, or adding a splash of depth and coolness by integrating it into your family room with a few, well-placed throw pillows.

CASHMERE ROSE: The dreamiest of the Pantone picks, this soft rosy pink waxes nostalgic about the 60s. Think Twiggy’s pale pink lip or a frock that Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly would wear. Full of elegance and class, this sentimental hue sets the mood for romance and fun.

Pantone_CashmereRose copy

*Try it: As a pink party dress for a fun social event, as a feminine creamy matte lipstick (such as NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday) paired with sophisticated cateye-lined eyes, or in a bouquet of roses to center on the dining room table in a milk glass vase.

Moll Wants To Know: Which Pantone Fall 2015 shade are you most excited about?