Su Casa Magazine | Winter 2018


It’s All In the Decadent Details – finishing touches make all the difference.  People always want to know why my homes and the homes I’ve done for clients have that little something extra special. They can’t put their finger on it. All they know is that when they walk into the front door, the home speaks to them, even if it isn’t their style. That’s the greatest compliment to me as a life stylist. My goal is always to help people create and live their best possible lives.

When you’re thinking of remodeling your space, the key to transforming your house into a home is to have the courage to make a change. Create a picture in your mind of each space. Imagine how you want the room to function, then how you want the room to feel, and most important, how the room and your home will reflect who you are and how you want to live. Within each space lie endless possibilities.

I am able to visualize a finished space from the moment I walk into a room. I didn’t realize at first that this was not something everyone can do, but now I understand that what may be natural for me may take a little more inspiration for others. Each person is unique, each home is unique, and finding the inspiration to make your home uniquely yours is a gift.

When planning a remodel or decorating project the focus is often on the big picture. But don’t lose sight of the details that will take your home and your space from now to wow!—the walls, floors, counters, paint, fur- nishing, fabrics, and trims. It’s the difference between a well-designed space and one that seems not quite finished, like something is missing. Think of the details as the exclamation point to the BAM!

Hit the ceiling. If you’re going for a very clean and tonal look consider painting your ceiling a color that might add a bit of pizazz to your room. For the room above I wanted to lead the eye upward to the beauty of the chandelier. I also like to add a little jewelry to the chandelier, so this medallion was the perfect choice—a bit of paint, 14-karat gold leaf, and voilà!

Get plastered! Find yourself a plaster master and then create a deeply layered effect with metallic paints and plaster in rich, seductive tones that will make you swoon every time you enter your room. Plaster works in any style home, from an old world to modern, depending on the technique.

Pillow talk. If you want people to talk about your pillows, you gotta give them something to talk about! When I design a pillow for a room I pull all the fabric colors with the textures that will create the mood I want to present. The five separate pieces of this moss green and salmon velvet pillow give a lush, rich look when put together. I layered two different tassel fringe trims to create a more regal feel.

Feature from Su Casa Magazine’s WINTER 2018 Issue 

• • • Photography: Beall + Thomas Photography • • •