Su Casa Magazine | Autumn 2017


A closet is a window to the soul! What does your closet say about you right this very moment? Is it beautifully appointed and well organized, or is it the place where you can barely open the door because you’ll be attacked by falling shoe boxes and piles of dirty laundry? The stress of a messy closet adds to the chaos of your daily life. So creating a closet that is clean, simply organized, and filled only with things you love and absolutely need will shift the negative energy in your life and allow you to be renewed, refreshed, and recharged!



Women have been collecting shoes for years. So why not showcase what you collect and love in an artful way? For Charlie and me, it was our boot collection from Santa Fe’s very own custom boot makers, Back At the Ranch. When building and designing our closet, our boots became our “closet art.” Simple shelving and lighting was all it took to create a focal point that also serves as a practical way to see exactly what we have to wear daily.

Belts and jewelry are another natural choice for adorning your closet. When you display these items, you are more likely to actually make use of them. It’s amazing how, when things are tucked away, we forget we even have them until we clean out our closet.

Men, watch-winding boxes are in. A watch-winding box is a wonderful way to keep watches wound and clean, plus it makes a great accessory on an island. They also now make big units that can be built in.

My closet connects the master bedroom to the master bath. In it, custom, underlit shelving showcases mine and Charlie’s Western boot collection.



If space allows in your walk-in closet, bench seating is one of my must-haves. Not only is bench seating a great way to add a pop of color or textural interest, but it offers multipurpose use. Benches are especially handy when putting on shoes and boots, and many benches have the potential for hidden storage. Make the space work for you, and hide away those items you don’t use on a regular basis.



Lighting is another important must- have in any design, and nowhere more important than in your dressing area and closet. The right lighting illuminates your beautiful things, and helps give you a beautiful glow, too. Install a dimmer switch, because sometimes you want to switch from task lighting to creating a vibe.

In my Santa Fe home, I was challenged to maximize my storage needs and make use of all space available in the master bath. My closet serves double duty with the washer and dryer tucked away behind closed doors. Since this was my only available space, it made sense to have those appliances accessible where I needed them most!

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Images: John Hall Photography