Romance with Red – Valentine’s Day Table for Two


Valentine’s Day is only a week away! Any day of the year is a time to celebrate your love, but for V-Day I try to take things up a notch. I plan for this day in advance, setting the scene for my seductive table for two. For this table, I came up with the King and Queen of Hearts theme after spotting these perfect – and inexpensive – decorative pillows at a local craft and home goods store. I love adding a touch of playfulness by incorporating fun, festive, and whimsical elements into my tablescapes, and letting those unexpected finds inspire me. I picked up hanging hearts in the holiday section at the store and reused red fabric from Christmas but created a different, fresh look by topping it with a crisp white cloth overlay. Romantic red paints a picture of love as it colors everything from the table setting to the scenery, from the food to the fashion. This holiday is about LOVE – not stress – so save yourself some and start thinking now about how you can add a little extra something special to your Valentine’s celebration this year.

All images are from Moll Anderson’s book: Seductive Tables for Two | Photography: Eric Adkins Photography (top only), Beall + Thomas Photography | Floral Collaboration & Design: Britta Bollinger

For more inspiration and romantic table settings, check out Moll’s book, Seductive Tables for Two.