PAWS-itive Living: Fido Fashion – Harnesses Are A Must!


If you’re a dog owner like me, safety is a must! An easy way I keep my pups safe – and fashionable – is to dress them in harnesses, as opposed to collars. Here are the reasons why I – and Winston and Harlow, of course – opt for harnesses!

No stress. Harnesses are the way to go, because they allow you to have control as an owner on walks, without pulling – and causing undue stress – on your pup’s fragile neck. Unfortunately, with collars, there have been numerous cases of choking or strangling, due to poor collar support. With harnesses readily available everywhere, it’s simply not worth the risk, my fellow dog-loving friends.

More authority. A harness gives you better control over your dog, which comes in especially handy, while traveling, walking through crowds, or crossing busy intersections.

Jump, jump. With harnesses, there’s less of this song playing in your head! If you have a dog that jumps on people, a dog harness can help rectify that situation, without choking your pooch.

Puppy-friendly. Ideal for puppies, harnesses can prevent your new pups from tangling, hurting – or even strangling – themselves.

Cute and comfortable. My dogs love their harnesses! The key is to find one that’s padded, cushioned and breathable, like our favorite brand, Puppia. We love Puppia harnesses SO much, that we have them in multiple colors. These harnesses are also ideal for the summer months, because the breathable fabric keeps canines cool, even when the temperatures are rising.

Harlow, looking beautiful, in her Puppia yellow harness
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.28.40 PM
The pups and I in our matching royal purple – they in their Puppia harnesses, and me in my scarf