Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night! Oh What A Night!


This summer, I have been so blessed to have some of the best ladies nights of my life. The fun and joy we have all shared together this summer in Malibu has led me to one conclusion for us all: WE NEED MORE LADIES NIGHTS IN OUR LIVES! So, building on a few of the ones I’ve been a part of this summer, I’ve come up with some great ladies night suggestions that will leave you and all your girls singing, “Oh yes, it’s ladies night! Oh what a night!”

Get creative with a cooking class. Wanna suggest a girls’ night, but don’t want the same old margaritas and movies date you’ve had the past few years? How about spicing things up with a cooking class? You’ll learn skills you can use in your home life, while catching up and laughing with friends. Talk with the girls and see what kind of cooking class everyone is craving. Sur La Table has great ones, ranging from pasta preparation to macaroon making, so there’s truly something for everyone. If you and your girls like the cooking class feel, make a date to meet up to take a cooking class once a month. It will give you something to look forward to, and your whole family will enjoy the fruits of your fun, er, I mean labor.

Plan a primping day. We as women often forget to pamper ourselves. We put our needs behind everyone else’s, and therefore, sometimes those needs are forgotten. So, to pamper yourself and your friends, why not take the helm and plan a pampering day for all! Make appointments for you and your best girlfriends to get manis and pedis, blowouts, massages, makeup applications – or all of the above – and then hit the town for a girls’ dinner. You’ll all feel pampered, look pretty and be prepared for a fun night of catching up out on the town!

Throw a theme party. I wanted to gather my girlfriends together this summer, and after thinking of who to add to the guest list, there was commonality amongst them all: all of my friends are goddesses!! So, I let that guide my theme. Flower crowns and a feast fit for goddesses followed. Get more of the details by taking a look at last week’s blog, and do the same. When you think of your best girlfriends, what theme comes to mind?

Have fun with fitness. This summer, I can’t even believe how much my health has improved, thanks to my girl, Brooke Burke’s Booty Burn classes. And Soul Cycle rides. But, it wasn’t just my health that improved, my friendships deepened as my friends and I made the commitment to improving our bodies, while spending quality time together. I can’t recommend getting in a workout with your girlfriends strongly enough. And, if the workout itself isn’t enough of a reward, make a date for brunch or coffee directly afterwards!

Build your babes up. I have a friend who insists that every time women get together, something magical happens. She uses girls’ nights not only for fun catch-up sessions, but also as an opportunity to build one another up. At the end of every one of her girls’ dinners, she has each woman hold a champagne flute, and one by one, each woman says what they admire about the flute-holding friend and then it is passed around until everyone has been toasted. At the end, everyone leaves feeling better about themselves and ready to take on the world.

Talk about a good ladies night…

Girls Night copy

Moll Wants To Know: What’s your favorite thing to do on a girls’ night?