Moll’s Summer Health Challenge: Make A Commitment To Yourself


Those of you who follow me on social media may have noticed that I’ve been on quite the health kick lately. But, surprisingly, it’s not swimsuit weather that motivated me, but rather a personal challenge to myself to get healthier and more active. My goal is not to be super-skinny, but to increase my energy and endurance, take control of my health, and do something every day to take care of myself. We all deserve to take care ourselves every day. Here’s how I’m doing it, and I hope you’ll commit to yourself and join me on my Summer Health Challenge!

Sweat it out… Living in Malibu this summer has put me right down the road from my favorite workouts! So, that means…I have ZERO excuses! I love taking my girlfriend Brooke Burke’s Booty Burn class because boy, does it burn! And I love getting in a spin at SoulCycle, with its uplifting energy and inspiring ambience. Not only do I burn calories in these killer workouts, but I also have fun and get to spend time with friends!

BootyBurnSoulcycle copy

Make it a date. Whether it’s with your husband or best girlfriends, make a date to workout with those you care about, and studies show that you’ll be more consistent. Exercise is a great way to connect with family and friends, and catch up before – or after – a long, busy day.

Consistency is key. I have found that to stay in shape, I have to stay consistent. Even on days when I’m not feeling my best, or not going to classes or the gym, I will stretch daily at home, just to keep my muscles warmed up and flexible. I also love to go on long walks with my husband, Charlie, and hear all about his day, and tell him about mine.  And, of course, you know I love to dance first thing in the morning! Nothing gets the blood pumping and the muscles warmed up faster than that. And it just puts you in a good mood!

Some of my fitness favorites right now? These guys:

Fitness Fave's copy

Workout Wear. When I’m hanging in The ‘Bu, I love to look sporty, feel comfortable and be ready for fitness anytime…but I also like looking put together. Here are some of my favorite fitness-friendly pieces that do just that. My go-to outerwear choice is the Nike Tech Fleece Moto Women’s Cape ($160). I love it so much that I have it in many colors! And when it comes to workout pants – that can go from the gym to running to dancing to a lunch with friends to just hanging out at home – I’m all about the cool, loose fitting Nike Woven Loose Women’s Running Pant ($75). To add in a splash of color – and a little fun – to my mostly black and white wardrobe, I love the Caelum Zippy Legging in Vivid Blue ($77) for my spin and exercise classes.

Show me the shoes. As for shoes, I’m all about Brooks Running Shoes ($120). They’re so lightweight, you feel like you’re not even wearing any shoes! But, they’re extremely durable to give you (and me) the support you need through any workout.

J-j-j-juicy. I have fallen in love with Evolution Fresh Juices! I particularly love the Organic Ginger Limeade and Organic Spicy Lemonade, because they’re super refreshing, while having that little extra zingy kick to them!

Wind it down. We all know by now that 8 hours of sleep every night will keep us looking – and feeling – our best. But, sometimes we need a nightcap to help ease us into it. No, not that kind of nightcap. My nightly nightcap of choice is Natural Calm by Natural Vitality ($23.95). This solution restores your magnesium levels, while balancing your calcium intake, which reduces stress and relaxes. I scoop a spoonful of this into my chamomile or Sleepytime tea every night, and it helps me not only wind down before I hit the hay, but it also helps my muscles relax after an active day. So, I sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready to go!

The best fitness advice I can offer is to do something – ANYTHING –  just get moving!!!