Moll’s Su Casa Column: In Living Color


Frequently people ask me how to add a pop of color to their outdoor living spaces. I tell them it’s easier than you think— and you don’t need a big, “colorful” personality to do it.

Start by perusing the latest fashion, makeup, and Pantone colors. Which ones inspire you and really get your heart racing? Pick a few, then let go and have a blast by infusing those hot, haute colors you’re drawn to (and are lusting for a chance to use!) into your life. This couldn’t be easier in your outdoor living spaces, since you’re simply going to add your color with accents—pillows, towels, pots, throws, and flowers. This works so well because when you choose fabric for your upholstered patio furniture in a neutral color, either dark or light, you can always change the color of your accents—or add to them when you find another chroma you crave.

One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate a space is with a fresh coat of paint. It’s a quick fix for a wall or any piece of furniture, especially this old, tired table and chair set I found. I loved the design and had been looking for the perfect table and chairs to set the mood I’d been dreaming of creating in my Santa Fe home. Most people would look at that table and chairs and think, Ugh! Ugly. But if you train yourself to look beyond the obvious and be adventurous—without necessarily thinking DIY—then you will learn to embrace the imperfect. The table set, I knew, simply needed to be a very electric color. In just a couple of hours, its weather-beaten pieces went from unsightly and boring to super seduc- tive thanks to a little elbow grease and a hot splash of color. You get more mileage out of a can of paint than any other decorating tool!

Blue patio copyYou can find Moll’s regular column in the Su Casa Magazine published quarterly.