Moll’s Guide To The Colors Of The Season: Holidays 2015


We’re almost there, folks! Are you ready? The holiday season is upon us, and I know a ton of people who have yet to get their homes into the holiday spirit. Well, if you’re one of those, I have a few tips that’ll have you saying “Ho-ho-ho” in no time at all! And, it’s not as one dimensional, as you may think. Remember – Christmas and Chanukah can look a million different ways, and here are just a few of mine.

The classics. Red and green will never, EVER go out of style, and those elements are always the most readily available to find. As with all elements of décor, always think of both the big picture, and the mood that that big picture will set. Perhaps choose a fresh, natural green tree and adorn it simply with red velvet bows. Or, get a faux white tree, and adorn it with only red and green ornaments. There’s something to be said for keeping it classic and simple. Another way to incorporate a little unexpected element of classic red into your holiday season is to add a classic color flair to your holiday wardrobe. This past week, I attended a holiday event, and to instantly step up the holiday spirit, I kept it the aforementioned simple and classic, by wearing a sequined solid red dress. Instant holiday glam!! You’re sure to make a statement as you enter the room.

moll anderson home - holidays
File Dec 14, 7 37 54 PM

Black and white and jolly all over. Black and white? How is THAT Christmas, Moll?” Oh, it is today’s kind of Christmas! And, it can be a beautiful foundation for whatever direction you want your Christmas décor to go. Whether it is like my Dallas home’s Christmas decor, which is more chic and modern, or a more traditional look incorporating some plaid, with elements of black and white into an all-white theme.  Just like red and green are the classic Christmas colors that never go out of style, black and white is the ultimate classic color combo year after year no matter the season or holiday.

The black and white color combo is classically modern and matches the decor of my Dallas home.


Make sure it sparkles. What girl doesn’t love glitter? I especially love metallics and glitter for Chanukah and Christmas. To neutralize it a bit so it’s all-family friendly, think more metallic, than straight up glitter. Metallics are like a shiny neutral, they go with any color and any decor. They are the colors of celebration, and after all, thats what the holidays are!   If you create a solid metallic base, such as a silver tree, you can add those glittering elements, without drowning your husband in glitter!  Believe me, he will thank you.

File Dec 15, 2 39 40 PM


Creative budget, beautiful holidays. Speaking of metallic…when I was broke and had no – or very little holiday budget – yet didn’t want to skimp on my holiday decorating, metallic spray paint became my very best friend. Regardless of budget, if you want to add some natural, yet glamorous, elements into your holiday season, incorporate some pineapples, apples, or even succulents, spray them gold, and call it a centerpiece.  Magnolia leaves are great because they have large smooth leaves that really shine once painted, you can clip them right out of the back yard, and  are a great natural greenery option as they are hearty enough to last through the holiday season without having to clean up the needles that can get everywhere from typical greenery.  Yep. It’s that simple, and more importantly, that cheap!!!! But, it suuuuure doesn’t look it…

Spray painted gold succulents make a modern and festive arrangement.
Celebrating the season doesn’t have to cost you. If you are short on money or time, you can create some holiday cheer in your home as simply as spray painting magnolia branches and adding some white lights. It is not about the money you spend, its about doing the best with what you have. It’s about the memories you make and just remembering how special this time of year (and every day) can be when you start from the heart.

Moll Must: My one rule? There are NO rules when it comes to the holidays. Extravagance doesn’t make it special. Have fun. Decorate with your heart. Spread some love and cheer. And, make some memories this holiday season!