Moll’s Beauty Bag: Pageant Pretty


This past Sunday found many of us sipping martinis and munching on popcorn, while waiting to see which of the talented, beautiful girls would be crowned Miss America. But, every time I watch, I can’t help but think of how much effort goes into looking that Miss America pageant-perfect. Over the years, I’ve known my share of beauty queens, makeup artists, pageant judges and hosts, and here are a few of their inside beauty tips that can get you looking pageant perfect, even if there’s not a crown or sash in sight.

Sleep with your curlers. To get those big, bouncy pageant girl curls, sleep with rollers in your hair! Go old school, and pull out those old foam rollers out, and roll them into towel-dried hair. By morning, you’ll have big, bouncy curls and you’ll look like you were born with naturally, perfect curly hair!

Hair Curlers2 copy

No baggage allowed. When you’re vying to be the next Miss America, you might have a lot of luggage backstage, but you cannot have bags under your eyes. To punch out puffiness and under-eye bags, apply Preparation-H at night before closing your eyes. It can also be applied in the morning if you’ve been crying or didn’t get much sleep the night before. Some also swear that refrigerating Preparation-H makes it even more effective.

Pose with pretty feet. To get that perfect pageant pose, stand with one foot in front of the other, turned out. Also, rather than standing with your hands on your hips, you want to place your hands on your waist, right under your ribcage, and squeeze in ever so slightly, creating more of a pronounced curve.

Scotch tape is the eye makeup savior. To get that eye makeup Miss America-worthy, pageant queens use scotch tape to get perfect lines. By applying scotch tape from the outer corner of the eye to the end of the brow, you can create winged liner that Cleopatra would be jealous of. It’s also an excellent tool for getting a smoky – but not messy – eye.


Brighten up those eyes. Since the stage lights can be so blaring, every pageant queen knows that a fine white setting powder should be used under the eyes, to set concealer, and brighten up the eyes. If you apply eye makeup first, you can powder to your heart’s content, and then just wipe any away excess eye makeup and setting powder, with eye cream on a cotton swab.

SettingPowder copy

Take it all off. I’m talking about your makeup here, folks! Pageant queens know that to keep their skin clean, pretty and glowing, they need to start with a blank slate every morning. So, most of the ones I’ve talked to rely on eye makeup removers with an oil base, and cleansing wipes or Cetaphil to wash the face. Pat dry and apply a good night cream, and you’re pageant ready come morning time.

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: To get those eyelashes perfectly curled, heat your eyelash curler for a few seconds before curling your lashes. Just like a curling iron, this will set the curl, which will make your pageant-pretty lashes last longer.