Moll’s Beauty Bag: Hurry, Spring, Hurry!


LOVE THIS! Bright pops of color in the darkness of winter

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Spring is right around the corner, so why not send it a little encouragement its way!

I don’t know about you, but I have had ENOUGH of this frosty weather. It just seems colder this year, doesn’t it? Well, I for one am not waiting for spring to come. I’m going to trick it into coming a bit earlier, by incorporating some spring boldness into my beauty routine.

Flirty Spring Lips. I think we all know that we wear lipstick more for other women, than the gentlemen in our lives. Know how I know? Because sometimes I’ll say to myself, “It’s a little bold for a date with Charlie, but I know my girlfriends would love this.” So, that’s what I do. I save that fun, bold, bright lip for lunch with the girls, and keep my sexy nude lip for date nights. And I’m never disappointed. Whenever we wear a new shade of lipstick, doesn’t it feel great to have a woman you admire ask for the shade? With these two spring-hued lipsticks, be prepared, because you’re going to be asked that a lot.

Flirty Fuchsia. The ultimate flirty, fun and girly shade, this lip color, like Smashbox Fuchsia Flash Matte ($26), reminds me of something that Audrey Hepburn would have worn in Sabrina. It has the perfect mix of pink and purple, which makes it a simply stunning and classic choice.


Fierce, Fiery Red-Orange. Lip colors like MAC Lady Danger ($16), warm up the face with total power. And that particular shade just sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? Well, the only danger you’ll be causing with this lip color is the mad rush for the MAC counter you’ll create after wearing it out to a party.


Don’t Forget To Get Cheeky. If you’re going with a bold lip, be sure to balance it with a soft pop of bright color on the cheeks. Stila Convertible Color ($25) in Fuchsia, Petunia and Gerbera have long been celebrity-go-to’s for instant cheek brightening. Add a pop of color right on the apple of the cheek to instantly brighten and perk up a bold-lipped face. Another trick? If you don’t want to wear makeup, add a pop of this on a bare face and mix a little of it with your lip balm for an instantly bright, no-fuss look.


Moll’s Bag of Tricks: I find that when sporting a bright pop of color, you want to keep it simple and polished, by going easy on the eye makeup and leaving that skin glowing. If you do a bright lip, make sure your skin glows, add a few coats of mascara and finish the look with a bright lip. Hurry, spring, hurry.