Moll’s Beauty Bag: Glitter As You Go


With the Halloween this weekend and the CMAs next weekend, I am in a glitter and glam kind of mood. And, I’m not alone in that! One of the biggest fall trends this year, stolen from the runways of the likes of Rodarte, Temperley London and Carolina Herrera was…wait for it…GLITTER!

Look, I know what you’re thinking because I’ve thought it myself, “I cannot wear glitter.” But, with the holidays up ahead and New Years right around the corner, adding a little sparkle into our lives might not be a bad thing. When done correctly, glitter can add light to the eye and some whimsy and seduction to a fun night out on the town. Here are a few of my go-to glittering products that are sure to make any girl feel glam!

The glammest of glitters. Let’s start with the glammest glitter of all, brought to you by Gorgeous Cosmetics. Their Colour Flash Glitter in Oscar ($19) gives you the ultimate in glitz with this bronze-hued glitter, which adds a whole new level of fun to your nighttime look.


And, with their Glitz Fix, it’s guaranteed not to budge, leaving you with a trail of tears – er, I mean – glitter.


Night fever. If you’re a fan of a super smoky black eye, try adding some glitter in there for a glamorous change. Opt for a black shadow with some shimmer, like the classic cult favorite, NARS Night Breed.


While the color is an intensely deep, dark black, the silver flecks reflect the light and add some magic to your lids. Insider secret? Some makeup artists and celebrities swear this is the most richly pigmented black shadow around. The bad news? It’s no longer available in stores. The good news? Google has a slew of places where you can get it shipped straight to your door, just by visiting here.

A touch of glitter. If my other suggestions are a bit too bold, try a subtle glitter effect…I mean, if glitter can ever be subtle! In this case, we’re just going to use Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in the inner corner of the eyes. I would recommend sticking with their silver liner (Glamrock), gold liner (Midnight Cowboy), or their iridescent liner (Distortion). It’s just the right amount of glitter to light up the eyes, without overpowering the face.

UrbanDecay copy

Moll’s Bag Of Tricks: For an even bolder, jewel-encrusted look, remove the wiper from the Urban Decay liners (the little piece that controls how much product comes out of the bottle) and tap on Heavy Metal with your fingers. It’s like an instant gel-cream glitter shadow!