Moll’s Beauty Bag: Coachella Coifs – Mad About Braids


LOVE THIS! Bold braids at Coachella!

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: The hairstyles we see during Coachella often lead to the hair trends of summer!

When it comes to Coachella, it seems that anything goes. Somehow those girls manage to combine the wildest looks with the most laid back of styles. While the manicures and makeup trends change from year to year at the festival, there is one trend that has persisted these past few years: BRAIDS.

While last year’s Coachella was all about the crown braid, this year’s braids were a bit more bold, inventive and edgy. Here’s how you can get the bold and beautiful braids of Coachella at home, yourself.

The Spine Braid, first spotted on Kate Bosworth during weekend 1 of Coachella, was a huge trendsetter on the festival front.


For a guaranteed stop and stare style, follow this style breakdown:

1) To add texture, start by prepping the hair with OSiS+ Refresh Dust  ($22 at  and run OSiS+ Thrill ($23 at through the hair that will be braided to keep it intact .

2) Take a half inch wide section from the center of the head back to the top of the crown, clipping down the sides for control.

3) Create an inside out cornrow braid, securing with a small elastic.

4) Comb OSiS+ Volume Up ($21 at through the length and ends, softly shaking to loosen up  locks and add bounce.

5) Finish and polish the look with OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray ($19 at


Then, there’s the Double Helix Fishtail Braid by Michael Dueñas — channeling   a bohemian goddess ‘ dream do’.


To get your edgy glam goddess on, follow this style breakdown:

1) Bring all the hair into a loose low crown ponytail and secure with a rubberband.

2) Split the hair into 3 sections, the middle section being the skinniest. Apply an ample amount of OSiS+ Session Label Silk Shine Cream ($25 at to each section.

3) Similar to a French braid, take a small piece of hair from the outside of the right section, bring it under the right section and thenover the middle, joining it with the left side.

4) Then take a small piece from the left side, bring it over the top of the left side, and under the middle section. Join it with the right.

5) Repeat right, left, right, left until you have braided all the hair. Secure the end with an elastic and finish the look with OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray ($19 at

 Moll’s Bag of Tricks: When you go with an ornately textured braid for your hair, pair it with a colorful matte lip. It takes the “little girl” look out of it, and replaces it with sophistication.