Moll’s Beauty Bag: Becoming A Natural At “The Natural Look”


LOVE THIS! Become a natural at “the natural look!”

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Natural makeup is not only beautiful, but a breeze!

We all want it – that easy, effortless beauty of our college days, where lip balm was our beauty necessity and our skin glowed without any outside assistance. But those days aren’t gone, ladies! We just need to bend our brains around the fact that less really is actually more sometimes. Here is my step-by-step guide to get you naturally gorgeous in no time flat.

Start with sunscreen. Yep, it’s that simple. And no, you won’t look naked. Truth is that tinted spf balms, like Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm ($56), will make your skin look younger and dewier, rather than cakey and dry. While it’s not going to camouflage your skin, who says your skin needs to be camouflaged? Let your skin breathe, and check out how young your skin looks, without a veil of makeup hiding it!

The bronze medal. If you ask me, it’s not all about the gold…it’s about the bronze. If you want to keep the eye neutral, while relying on easy application, opt for a bronze cream shadow or creamy crayon pencil for instant eye brightening and definition. The bronze hue highlights the glimmer in every eye color, while still keeping it naturally beautiful.

Best your brows. But when it comes to the “natural look,” it’s not what you think. Using a brow gel, such as Mary Kay Brow Gel ($10), to brush the brows upwards, and then brush the top of the hairs across, for natural brows with subtle definition.

Mascara is a must. Mascara just makes all the difference in the world, when you’re going for a natural look. Really get that mascara to the root of the lashes to define the eyes, without having a bold eyeliner stealing center stage. Right now, the best of the best is Chanel Le Volume de Chanel ($32) – but don’t forget to curl those lashes first!

Check your cheeks. Choose a cheery cheek color, such as peach, for a punch of color, or, a golden bronze bronzer to define and contour cheekbones. For this natural look, just choose one to highlight.

Know your nudes. With the natural look, the nude lip is a must. Hourglass Cosmetics Femme Nude Lip Stylo ($30), in 6 varying shades of nude, will give you that naughty-but-nice neutral lip color that the natural beauty in you has been craving. 

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: In a pinch? Dab some of that nude lipstick on your cheeks and eyes for not only a pick-me-up, but for a uniform – and runway-ready – beauty look in a pinch!