Moll’s 5 Musts of Modernism Week at The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Villa Golightly


I was so sad to have to turn down an invitation to be a tastemaker-designer at the Christopher Kennedy Compound this year at Modernism Week in Palm Springs. But, between family obligations, and…ohhh….a little book you may have heard about coming out, I just wasn’t able to make it work.

Lucky for us, one of my color scouts had a front-row view at the hottest ticket in town, and sent me a slew of photos! So, here are my 5 musts of Modernism Week spotted at this year’s 6500-square foot Christopher Kennedy Compound – blogger Kelly Golightly’s Villa Golightly.

1 | TURN A SMALL SPACE INTO A SHOWSTOPPER.  Fashion stylist and tv host, Salvador Camarena, took one look at his poolside bath’s lemon wallpaper he chose, and knew what his theme would be: Beyoncé.

He dialed up the whimsy by adding a rotary dial phone and hanging a needlepoint of “Dial 9 for Becky With The Good Hair” on the wall above the toilet. By infusing #InvigoratingYellow throughout the design and making the most of his space (including…HELLO!!! Yellow and white balloons in the shower stall), his room became an instant social media hit!!!


2 | PINK CAN BE POWERFUL. My good friend, social media influencer and tv personality, Dawn McCoy, had another small space challenge to tackle in the home: the east guest bathroom. Not a designer by trade, she looked at the small space and turned it into her take on #UpliftingPink – a rosé-themed champagne bar!

The Möet Bubble Bath was one of the most instagrammed rooms of the house, and included a bathtub – and, even sinks – filled with ice and bottles of Möet Rose Imperial.

Giving a nod to her love of pink, and playing off designer Sarah Sherman Samuel’s adjoining east guest room, Dawn turned “pretty in pink” into “powerful in pink.”

And, we even spotted an advance copy of my book strategically placed in the festive room below Kelly Golightly’s husband – photographer, Fred Baby13’s – iconic Palm Springs photograph!

Speaking of Sarah Sherman Samuel- who is currently designing none other than Mandy Moore’s house – Sarah created custom pink quartz wallpaper for her beloved bedroom.

Once deemed the darkest room in the house, according to the homeowners, Sarah’s crystal-inspired vision turned the room into a fan favorite with a mix of glamour and livability, and mixed elements of fur, wood, glass and gold.


3 | GO GLAM WITH GOLD. Gold was BIG at this year’s show house! While the house itself is actually a Mediterranean-style home, the decor was all midcentury modern…and glam!! So, when it came to choosing something as seemingly small as kitchen handles for the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator doors, designer Kelli Ellis KNEW she had to bring in the #MotivatingMetals and go glam with…GOLD!!

Kelli worked with Thermidor to create the ultimate dream stove and refrigerator, complete with gold handles. It might seem like such a simple idea, but I never would have thought of it! Would you? And, remember…metals are motivating so it’s perfect for a home where creatives live!!!

4 | NO NEED FOR MATCHY-MATCHY. At least, that’s according to the Prince of Palm Springs himself and celebrity designer – Christopher Kennedy – when it came time to designing the dining room. Christopher worked with ATG Stores to create a gorgeous family of apple green chairs around the dining room table, only to cap off the heads of the table with elegant black and white patterned chairs, with 2 yellow backup chairs alongside the buffet, perfect for switching out when the mood arises. He must be a believer in my favorite design rule which is: THERE ARE NO RULES!!!


5| PLAY FAVORITES. When it comes to color, don’t choose what “seems right,” instead choose the color that speaks to you and brings joy into your heart! Grace Home Furnishings did just this when they centered their design around homeowner – and Audrey Hepburn-lover – Kelly Golightly’s favorite color: Tiffany-inspired robin’s egg blue. They added the hue throughout the comfortable room, and even paid a little homage to Audrey herself with two beautiful prints of the legend herself on the east wall.

Our one main takeaway from these gorgeous designs? HAVE FUN. Don’t be afraid of color, and enjoy the space you’re designing.

It’s quite simple.

If you choose colors that make you happy, you will be happier living in your space.

So, what shades of happiness can you add into your home today?

**All photos: Molly + Co Photo**