Moll Must: Jewelry Box Staples That Won’t Break The Bank


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they aren’t very good friends, when it comes to our bank account!! I love my jewelry, and have come to learn the transformative power of a single piece of bling, but I’ve also learned that jewelry box staples don’t have to break the bank. So, I’ve gathered together some of my favorite pieces to help you get the perfect jewelry box, without going broke.

Tell me about it, Stud. Simple studs are the #1 essential you’ve gotta have if you have pierced ears. A little crystal or gold stud can be just the perfect amount of bling for even the most minimalist of outfits. If you want to keep it simple, but feel a little bit more rock’n’roll, just try adding a stud into your wardrobe with a little edge to them, like these Rachel Zoe studs, which range from $25 – $50.

RZearring copy

Ring-a-ding-ding. I love seeing a ring with a story, and there’s no better story than the one you’re already living. So before you go out and buy a new ring, consider that your dream ring may be one you already own. Whether it be a wedding ring, a family signet ring, an antique ring handed down from your grandmother, or even a class ring, sometimes the best ring can be one that’s been hiding in our jewelry box for years. Take a fresh look at your jewelry box, as though you’re someone who’s never seen your pieces before. What ring jumps out at you as a good basic for every day? I feel like this is the one piece you should always have ready for any occasion.

Initial ring

A delicate, everyday necklace to impress. A delicate necklace is the easiest piece to integrate into any wardrobe. The right dainty necklace can be worn day and night, even while sleeping and showering, and can be instantly upgraded with a little layering when need be. Dogeared makes necklaces that are right on the money, in terms of beauty, comfort and cost. And they have a slew of options to choose from. They also make beautiful gifts for girlfriends! Choose an everyday necklace that inspires you, such as one of these Dogeared beauties, both just $58.

Necklace copy

Everyday watch. When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a chunky gold watch. Just putting on a watch can make you feel – and look – instantly polished and put together. Plus, it’s a fun accessory to play with when it comes to our next jewelry essential. This Nixon Time Teller watch is just $95 at Nordstrom – not exactly cheap, but a good fashion watch is a good investment to make.

Gold Watch copy

Mix ‘n’ match bracelets. Whether you wear them with a watch or wear them alone, mix ‘n’ match bracelets are the essentials of the moment. Bauble Bar has endless choices of bracelet sets, and even has an excellent deal where for $58, you can Build Your Own Bracelet Set.

bracelet stack

Conversation-starting cocktail ring. Now that we’ve established your everyday ring, it’s time to think on a bigger scale…a much bigger scale. No, no, I’m not talking an engagement ring, but why should only married folks have the fun with big rings? A conversation-starting cocktail ring is an essential…especially for those single girls out there! Whether it be an interesting vintage ring you find at a thrift shop or one of these Kate Spade rings with plenty of pizzazz, a carefully curated cocktail ring can do more than just catch an eye…it can start conversations. Tip? If you’re single, just make sure to choose a ring that doesn’t look anything like an engagement ring!

Cocktail ring copy

Layered long necklace. To add little drama, and major impact, try layering longer necklaces with shorter ones. You can combine add one like this from BaubleBar (below left) to your delicate necklace, or get an already layered ensemble.

layered necklaces copy

Stackable rings. There’s something just whimsical and fun about stackable rings! Ones like this AV Max NYC Stackable “Diamond Ring Set” ($40) are perfect when worn alone, divided amongst fingers, or paired with your cocktail or classic everyday ring.


Today’s trends. While I’m not one to be won over by trends too often (as a rule of thumb, I tend to dress less on trend, and more about what works for me), there are two trends that are too big right now not to mention: the ear cuff and the midi rings. While neither is particularly my style, I’ve seen it done out there with panache, flair and sophistication, and both trends add a little extra youthful edge to an outfit. And why not try spicing up jewelry wardrobe for a little fun? That’s what jewelry is all about!

trends jewelry copy

Moll Wants To Know: What is your signature piece of jewelry? For me, it’s my wedding ring. It makes me smile every time I look down at it, or see it in pictures, as it reminds me of the one thing for which I’m most grateful…my husband, Charlie.