Moll Must: Getting Organized Before The Holidays Hit


They’re just around the corner. You know what I’m talking about…the HOLIDAYS!! They’re going to be here before you know it and I want you to be prepared. So, to help you get your house in order before the turkey is dressed, the guests arrive, the wrapping paper is unwrapped and Santa’s there dropping cookie crumbs on the floor, I’m here with my favorite organizing tips! Don’t feel daunted! These are easy tasks you can do daily, so that there’s less clutter when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around!

Mail order. We’ve all had that unopened mail or those opened, empty envelopes that sit on our front table for months and then there are those endless number of catalogues that arrive this time of the year. So let’s start there. I recommend keeping a letter opener near the door, so as soon as you get the mail, you can start opening as you make your way toward the recycle bin. By opening your mail near the trash, you’ll immediately discard the unsolicited junk mail, envelopes and catalogues and see which bills and letters need to be a priority.  With this one simple task, you’ll see immediate results!

Holiday Greetings. Let’s not forgot about the holiday cards. This is the time of year when we hear from our friends and extended families with updates and photos of their special moments of the year. Find a special way to display your cards this holiday season.


No wire hangers! While I’m not Mommy Dearest, I do think that eradicating wire hangers from the home can create some peace of mind in your closets. Invest in huggable hangers that clothes can cling to, and toss those random wire hangers. This is especially important in your guests’ rooms. Make room in your guest closets for your guests to hang their clothes, and be sure and have plenty of wonderful hangers available for them.


Best your bedding. Take an inventory of your bedding in your guests’ room. Each bed should have 2 complete sets of clean sheets and pillowcases. Missing sheets or pillowcases? Toss it or give it to Goodwill. My preference is white sheets in a high thread count and these are readily available and affordable at many retail outlets. Another Moll Must? Save space and time for looking for missing bedding components by folding sheet sets and placing inside one of the pillowcases. Not only will it keep everything together, but you can also see what the sheet set looks like. And be sure and have an extra blanket or comforter available for those cold winter nights.


Get crackin’. Any items (save those rare antiques you love) that have spots, stains and/or cracks have got to go! This applies to the aforementioned bedding and linens, dishes and knick-knacks.  While we tend to want to hold on to those favorite dishes that are “barely” cracked or those sheets that just “have one spot”, cleaning them out will make space for new ones.  And won’t that feel better?

Daily maintenance. Keep your home company ready. Even if you don’t plan on holiday guests, keeping your home picked up and clutter free will help you enjoy the beauty of your holiday décor, and help reduce the holiday stress. Every day, do a quick cleanup of the most populated areas of your home. Even make it a game by dividing and conquering – have the kids pick up their toys, have your husband pick up glasses and dishes and you can focus on papers and books. In less than 5 minutes, a messy area can be clean again!

Moll Wants To Know: What’s your favorite daily organization tip?