Moll Must: Easy, Breezy Summer Entertaining


Summer is here, and that means lots of opportunities for sunshine and socializing. Not ready to entertain yet? What to do if you get those frequent last minute summer visitors? Don’t you worry. I got you. Here are a few of my favorite ideas on how to entertain this summer in the easiest, breeziest of ways.

Sweat the small stuff. What I mean by this is be prepared! And the easiest way to always be prepared, without taking up too much space in the fridge or pantry, is to always have cocktail snacks on hand. Some good standby summer staples? Keep jars of sun-dried tomato or olive tapenade and crackers and bruschetta rounds in the pantry, and a variety of olives in the fridge. One of my favorite grab-and-go’s are blue cheese-stuffed olives! They seem so decadent to your guests, yet keep fresh for so long!

Hot diggity-dog! I’ve done a whole book chapter on this, but it bears repeating. Keep those hot dog fixins’ on hand! While cocktail party staples are key, hot dog fixins’ are all-age appropriate. So, when the grandkids decide to come for a quick, last minute visit or friends decide to swing by for lunch, you’re covered with plenty of options to keep them satisfied and delighted.


Be cheesy. It seems like such a no-brainer, but a really simple way to always be prepared for guests is to keep a good array of cheese in the fridge! I always try to have a few varieties on hand. Like what? I personally like to keep a sharp cheddar, manchego, a gouda, a soft goat cheese, and a flavored cheese, such as Cotswald or cranberry goat cheese. And if you don’t get those guests you expected, no problem! All of these cheeses are great for snacking, and can easily make for a super romantic impromptu happy hour for two!

Fruit Cheese Tray

Serve a signature cocktail. As cool as it sounds, it’s also a matter of convenience and streamlining. I always have the option of my “Mint for You Martini” readily available, in addition to wine, beer and cocktails. Even if you don’t have a fully stocked bar for guests, it’s impressive to be able to offer guests one of the “house signature cocktails.” Here’s the recipe for mine, that’s always sure to please!

Mint for You Martini copy

Moll Wants To Know: What is your go-to for easy, breezy summer entertaining?