Moll Must: Cozy Up To Color This Spring!


This past winter was one of the coldest and drabbest yet! And the only way to counter that is to be as colorful and daring, as possible, this spring. Color outside the lines a bit and open yourself up to some new ways to bring the colors of spring into your home…and add a little bounce in your step, while you’re at it!

Freshen up. Let’s start by bringing the outside in, and letting nature take the center stage of our homes. Start simply by buying fresh fruit and keeping it in a large, clear bowl or vase on your dining table or kitchen bar. If it’s more of an element of décor, choose a dozen lemons, limes or green apples, to add a single splash of color to the room. By buying a an array of fruits that are in season for spring, such as apricots, oranges, and strawberries you’ll not only have a beautiful splash of color as a centerpiece, you’ll also have nature’s vending machine right at your fingertips!

Get painterly. You guys know how much I believe paint can transform a room…and a life, in my case! Paint is just creativity in a can, so get crackin’! Spring is the perfect time to tap into your inner Picasso, and see what humdrum home pieces you can transform into treasures! Start by taking an inventory of your home. What pieces inspire you? Stay in that color family – or choose a coordinating color – and then start looking for pieces that might need a makeover. It could be that boring bookshelf sitting sadly on your wall, that not-so-cheery chair, the quiet coffee table, or the aimless armoire. Start with one piece, and see how it makes you feel. Next, maybe move on to an accent wall, or maybe even your front door. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to create color stories in your home!

Flowers & greenery. I think we all know that the fastest way to brighten up a home is with fresh flowers. And spring is just the most beautiful season to bring in the blooms! If you’re opting for fresh flowers, see if you can budget $20/week to add some colorful arrangements to your home. If that’s not an option – or if flowers tend to die a little too quickly for your taste – silk flowers can be a lifesaver. Pottery Barn, Michael’s and World Market all have realistic-looking blooms that will add color to your house, and last for years. Not a big fan of florals? Consider hanging plants, terrariums or succulents for calming, green tones.

I love the energy that bright, fresh flowers bring a space. Vibrant tulips and roses are some of my favorites I keep in our home.

Lavish your linens with love. ‘Tis the season to change those sheets! While it may only be for your (and your spouse’s) eyes, spring is the time to step up the seductive hues of your sheets. If you’re happy with your sheets as is, consider upgrading your duvet to one that can serve as a passionate “pop” of color in the bedroom. In the dining room, add a splash of a spring shade by investing in new tablecloths, table runners or placemats. And to boost the bathroom, be on the lookout for rugs and towels that can add a different tinge of tone.

Show them the door. At least, you’ll want to show your guests the door, after you give it a little mini makeover. As I mentioned above, try painting the front door for a big colorful impact that can change the entire façade of your home. Not feeling that daring? And don’t forget the doormat. Doormats are such fun opportunities to bring color  and personality to the front of your home, without making too much of a commitment.

Moll Wants To Know: How will you be cozying up to color this spring?