Moll Must: Begin Your Day The Right Way


Here we go again! Another school year is getting started, which means multi-tasking supreme for many of us. Wanna know my “Moll Must” for getting through the hectic back-to-school fall schedule? That would be starting yourself off on the right foot by beginning your day the right way. Here’s how I try to start my day off on the right foot every day.

It starts the night before. Before you head to bed, open your curtains – at least halfway – so that natural light shines through in the morning. By allowing light into your room, the sun will signal your brain to slow melatonin production and increase adrenaline production, thus signaling your body gradually that it’s time to wake up. In time, you might find yourself waking up before the alarm even goes off.


Follow your dog’s lead. The first thing my dogs do when they wake up in the morning is stretch. We need to follow their lead. Every morning, immediately upon rising, stretch. Start by doing what’s natural – reach your arms toward the sky, then roll down vertebra by vertebra until you’re touching your toes, or at least reaching for them. Next, stretch out your calves, hamstrings and hips. I love doing some hip rolls in the morning. Within 2 minutes time, you’ve stretched out your entire body, and studies show that daily stretching leads to more flexibility and less breakage as the years go on. Also, stretching is a perfect warm-up to dancing, which I LOVE to do every morning! It really gets the juices flowing!

Check gratitude off the list. While you may have a busy to-do list lined up for the day ahead, put gratitude at the top of it every morning. While brushing your teeth or in the shower, name the things you’re grateful for. It will instantly put you in a grateful mood for the day, and there’s no better mood than that.


Start your hydration. You’ve been sleeping for (hopefully) 8 hours, so to rehydrate your body, start with 8 ounces of water in the morning. Whether you drink yours room temperature, ice cold, hot, or with lemon, it really doesn’t matter. Just get in that first 8 ounces early in the day to make a commitment to getting in enough water all day long.

Mom was right. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. To fuel myself for a busy day ahead, I like to get in a good serving of protein, a fibrous carbohydrate, and plenty of antioxidants in my fruits and vegetables. An ideal breakfast for me is egg whites scrambled with jalapenos on a slice of whole grain Ezekiel toast spread with smashed avocado, and sprinkled with cayenne pepper, turmeric and a dash of Tabasco. By stacking my breakfast with vitamins and nutrients, I stack the odds in my favor for a happy, healthy day ahead.


Hug (or kiss) a loved one before you leave the house. I love this one, and try to practice it every morning. I can really feel the difference between when I do and when I don’t. Give your husband, kids – or even your pets – a hug, kiss or cuddle every morning to not only start your day off on the right foot, but theirs as well. It doesn’t just feel good, but it boosts your oxytocin levels, leaving you with positive feelings, and reminds you what’s most important as you move about your day.


Moll Wants To Know: What does your morning routine look like?