Moll Must: A Stress-Free Holiday Season


The holidays can be utterly heavenly…or terribly hectic. To keep your holidays stress-free, read this post, and take with you what speaks to you, and leave the rest, if it doesn’t. My goal for you here is to soak up the joy of the season, while leaving the stress, which oftentimes accompanies it, behind.

See the holidays through the eyes of a child. With wide eyes and open heart, view the holidays through the eyes of your inner child. Feel the wrapping paper that wraps each gift, taste that eggnog like you’re tasting it for the first time, and hug your loved ones, with as much love and gusto, as you would have as a child. Put on your “goggles of wonder,” as my friend often says.

Pace yourself. Rather than leaving everything to the last minute, be sure to leave time just for you. Whether it be starting your day with meditation, prayer or alone time, or ending the day with a soak in the tub or reading a chapter in the book you’re reading, give yourself the gift of investing in yourself this holiday season. Give yourself enough time and space, by planning ahead, to do just that. Not only will you benefit from this self-care, but also your whole family will reap the benefits of you in your most peaceful state.

Turn up & turn off. While I know you all try to be as informed as possible, this holiday season, try turning off the news…and turning UP the Christmas music! I highly recommend the classics like Bing Crosby, but I also love me some Amy Grant and Vince Gill! You know what I always say, “Music is the instant atmosphere thermostat!” It helps you get into the holiday spirit, while also tuning out that negative news banter. There’s no time for that kind of negativity in a joyful holiday season! 

Savor the moment. The holiday season is one of the rare times when families get to be together for days – or, at least, hours – at a time. Leave the past family behind, let go of past hurts and resentment, and embrace the time you have together right now. Remember…this moment will never come again.

Share with others. If you find yourself with excess – whether it is excess food, clothes or money – share the excess with someone in need. You will make their Christmas better, and you will be better off for having shared. There are so many ways to share with others, whether it is adopting a child from the Angel Tree, donating to UNICEF, or simply donating dishes to a homeless meal delivery program.

Unplug, unwind and distress. Do Christmas like your parents did back in their day. Don’t check the phone or Facebook, but rather put the phone away, and connect with your loved ones sitting right in front of you. Play board games, share a cup of cider, and watch a Christmas classic, such as It’s A Wonderful Life. Sometimes, the smallest, simplest things can create the biggest memories.

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