Miss America 2016: Full of Heart, Purpose, And Of Course, Beauty


Every girl grows up wanting to be Miss America.

Sunday night, I celebrated Miss America’s 95th birthday with my viewers, blog readers and social media followers by hosting a twitter party with my friend, Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting. We felt that we had won the crown when we realized we had reached over 3 million twitter followers, and created over 10 million impressions with our “little” twitter party, #MollAndDawnMAP, by the end of the broadcast. Wow! And, we had so much fun giving away 14 prizes to party attendees (including 5 Ardell Deluxe Pack Lash Kits, 5 Ardell Brow Defining Kits, a Katie Dean Jewelry wishbone necklace, and 3 of my Seductive Tables For Two books) in between discussing the girls, the gowns and all of the gorgeousness. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who joined us for the fun!

Twitter Party Prizes copy

Some of the highlights?

*There she is…Miss America. As you probably know by now, our new Miss America is Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell. She wore a super modern and figure flattering 2-piece white dress, and performed the opera piece, “Tu Tu Piccolo Iddio” from “Madame Butterfly” as her talent portion. Her platform is “Healthy Georgia, Strong America.” In addition to wearing the crown and sash, our new Miss America will also receive $50,000 in scholarship money.

One of my favorite fashion moments was the bold and beautiful red dress she wore during the talent portion of the competition. The gown was simply gorgeous when she moved.


*Better late than never. Seeing the beautiful moment where current Miss America CEO, Sam Haskell, apologized to Miss America 1984, Vanessa Williams and her mother Helen, 31 years after the pageant forced her to relinquish her crown was incredibly moving. It just goes to show that it truly is never too late to apologize. And, even amidst the scandal, look at how Vanessa Williams has persevered, succeeded and thrived!

vanessa williams


*Talk about talent with heart. While all of the ladies had their own special talents, Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, brought her talent with a big side of heart. In purple scrubs and a stethoscope around her neck, Kelley delivered a personal monologue about a personal experience she had with an Alzheimers patient, named Joe, as a nurse. She moved the crowd (and our twitter party) to tears as she said, “Patients are more than a room number. And I am a life saver. I am more than just a nurse.” For nurses, whose tireless work can sometimes be overlooked, she instantly became a champion. That’s what Miss America is all about.



*Co-host with the mostest. But, I was personally rooting for a host because my BFF, Brooke Burke-Charvet was co-hosting with The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison this year! Brooke wowed in a white Walter Mendez dress…

Brooke White jpg

dazzled in a Jean Fares Couture jumpsuit…

BrookeJumpsuit jpg

was beautiful in an orchid Walter Mendez dress…

Brooke Pink copy

and sparkled in a black Walter Mendez sequined gown…

Brooke Black 2 jpg

And, we were lucky enough to get some sneak peeks from Brooke before the pageant even began!

But, my favorite part was seeing her interact with – and encourage – all of the nervous contestants, who were waiting to see who would move on to each next round.

I am so proud that Miss America chose my friend as a co-host for she is an exemplary example for these beautiful ladies. Brooke is a reminder that as beautiful as you may be on the outside, it’s the beauty on the inside that will really make you succeed…both in your career, and in life.