Make Time For “Me-Time”


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how to Treat Yourself Like The Treasure You Are. I shared ways to care for yourself and how to truly “treat” yourself on a daily basis. But a few of you wrote me, and wanted to know how to get to that place in the first place. How can you make time for yourself when you’re a busy professional/spouse/parent/friend – or – all of the above? Well, this week, I hope I can help you find ways to carve out time for yourself in the midst of this chaos we call life.

Make a daily commitment. Every morning, make – and keep – a promise to yourself to take time out, just for you. Whether it is 10 minutes or 2 hours, set a realistic goal for you and stay true to it. Consider yourself an organized person? Then, try scheduling your “me” time by making a daily appointment in your calendar, planner or smart phone. That way, you’ve already carved out a small slot of time each day for yourself.

Get rid of the guilt. A lot of us feel guilty about making ourselves a priority, yet we have no problem at all making everyone else a priority. Let go of the guilt, and remember that taking care of yourself first, will make you that much better at taking care of everything and everyone else on your list.

Whittle away wasted hours. Think you don’t have time to make time for yourself? I assure you that you do. You may just have a problem with time management. Divide up your day into a pie chart, and, using percentages, see what takes up the bulk and bits of your time. Whether it is making multiple trips to the grocery store (because you don’t use a shopping list), checking your social media too much, or getting caught in reality show marathons (because they play them back-to-back!!!), there may be some time-suckers that you can whittle away. Doing this will not only help you make that vital time for yourself, but will also really help you evaluate what’s important in your life.

Don’t wait for the perfect time, because there isn’t one. Rather than waiting for that day, weekend or week, make a list of what you would do if you did have that big chunk of time. Then, fill your small chunks of time with those activities that make you peaceful, relaxed, and content.

Just say no. Learn to distinguish between what you really want to say yes and no to. Only say yes to commitments, or activities, that bring you joy, that you value or those that are essential. If they don’t or aren’t, learn to say no to them. This is one of the best tools you will ever learn.

Multi-task. I’m sure you feel that you multi-task quite enough, thank you very much. But what I mean is to multi-task to maximize your “me-time.” Read a book you’re dying to read over lunch, drink a hot cup of your favorite coffee, while you’re getting a pedicure, or listen to your favorite album while you’re getting ready in the morning. This is my favorite kind of multi-tasking!


Moll Wants To Know: How do you carve out “me-time?”