Let There Be Light: Beating Those Woesome Winter Blues


Winter definitely gets a bad rap, and for a few good reasons, I gotta say. Studies have shown that the stormy skies and cloudy climates tend to leave us less physically active, more depressed and more likely to overeat and binge drink. Yikes. So how can we beat those woesome winter blues, when everywhere we look, there’s gray, gray and more gray? I have a feeling some of my tips this week will help lighten the mood.

Lighten up. By lightening and brightening up your home, even the grayest day can feel light-years away. If you’re yearning for light like me, get creative by positioning a mirror on a wall across from a window and by doing so; you literally let in double the daylight. Got one of those fabulous, but not-so-useful, faux fireplaces?  Place a candelabrum or a grouping of candles in there to give you the essence of light. After all, regardless of whether it’s working or not, that is what a fireplace is for…light.


Paint & be perky. That might sound like a stretch, but sure enough, painting your walls a lighter, more vibrant color can actually enhance your mood. Choose your favorite light-enhancing color, and opt for a color that has some energy and life to it.  Remember, it is just paint–you can always change it whenever you want!


Let those surfaces shine. Live in a colder climate? Choose kitchen appliances and bath fixtures that reflect the light, such as stainless steel and chrome. The light will actually bounce off of these surfaces, making your space seem brighter.

Add some Vitamin D into your life. Vitamin D is essential for bone health and protects against colds and battles depression…and most Americans are severely deficient of it. To boost your mood – and your overall health – add some vitamin D, either through supplements or from sunlight exposure or through the foods you eat. But if you want to soak up the sun plan on spending 20-25 minutes in the sun to get optimal benefits. If you’d rather get it through your diet, choose fatty fish, canned tuna fish, mushrooms, egg yolks, beef liver, cod liver oil, or fortified milk, cereal and/or orange juice.

Catch the sun

Take that tropical getaway…now. I know. We all want to wait for summer to take that tropical getaway, but, um…why??? In those tropical climates, it’s summer RIGHT NOW. Take it now, while your hometown is bleak and that Hawaiian sunset is stunning! For Charlie and me, getting away for some sun in February is a must! While it’s true you might return to your home, and yearn for the holiday you just had, at least it gives you something to visualize  – not to mention, another vacation, to look forward to next year.

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Beating the winter blues is no easy feat, but by adding a little light – both inside your home and yourself – you’ll be feeling toasty in no time. Try just a few of these, and spring will be here before you know it.





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