Inspiration Destination™: Moll’s Column in Su Casa’s Autumn 2015 Magazine


In the Autumn issue of Su Casa Magazine, my column on Inspiration Destination™ talks about creating spaces inspired by your favorite travel locations. Our summer vacations may be behind us, but now we can take some time to reflect on the memories of those fun summer getaways. Whenever I have a fabulous and memorable vacation, I spend time reflecting on the spaces that inspired me and take away more than just photos and memories from the trip. In my mind, I tuck away the simple details that brought me the most joy in order to create a destination in my home that I can enjoy every day, all year long.

First thing to do is think back to the hotels or resorts you visited. Sometimes having a crazy busy schedule, or finances, or just life in general doesn’t allow us to travel everywhere our hearts desire. But I have never let that hold me back and keep me from traveling to a faraway place right in my own backyard. Imagine a destination—either a place you have actually traveled to or a location that inspires you—and bring the elements of this magical place to your home. For example, I was inspired by the magic of Morocco in reimagining my outdoor living areas. Soon, I was adding decadent details in the fabrics, walls, accessories, and textures, which all provided the finishing touches to my Moroccan theme. You can easily do the same. The items don’t even have to all come from the place you pick, and it definitely isn’t about being perfect, it is about creating a vibe to help you experience the same magic of being somewhere special.  All that matters is that you are creating your dream destination—in your own home.

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To read the entire column, pick up a copy of Su Casa Magazine Autumn 2015—out now!!