FORTY FIVE TEN | First Person


In celebrating the release of my new book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life With Color: What’s Your Color Story?, the place to go for last week’s pre-lauch festivities was one of the most vibrant places there is – Forty Five Ten in Dallas.   With the recent opening of their new location on Main, it is a full sensory experience every time you walk in the door!  The 37,000 square foot flagship in downtown Dallas exceeds expectations and continues to build on it’s reputation of offering the “best of the best” as it exudes warmth, inspiration, surprise and delight. The only thing more fab than the items you will find in the store, are the fab people that fill it! I love it!  So, in honor of infusing color into your home and your life, here are some of my Forty Five Ten must-have’s for that perfect POP OF COLOR!