Feeling Fabulous with the Fall Pantone Palette


Cider, sweaters, and the fall 2017 Pantone color palette are here. What is it? Being the international color gurus that they are, Pantone rounded up the most luxurious hues, named the frontrunners, and we take our cues for color direction. The power of the Pantone palette?

Say no more. So whether on the catwalk or in the buttery feel of a cashmere blanket, these shades will be everywhere this season—and for good reason. They feel cozy and invoke the giddiness that comes with a new school year, the upcoming holidays, or an introspective cuddle around the fire.


Now, here’s how to bring a few of these shades into your world.

Back to school for some, back to inspiration for everyone.

The seasons are changing, and so can your palette by adding some color flavor.


GRENADINE | Reddish Orange 

The days get shorter in the fall, and it’s okay to need a splash of this fiery shade to wake you up! Grenadine is dynamic and confident — a pop of color that’s truly volcanic.

Wear it to be noticed, take center stage and light up a room! Ready to bold up your basics? Grenadine and gray slay in that department. Add pillows to your neutral couch for a cheery pigment punch. Or serve a nightcap in a highball in this color to really heat things up. As Marilyn Monroe said, “I feel like a warm red autumn.” Hot, hot heat, indeed.

Welcome the new season and make your door a welcoming statement piece with color. Red is one of the most popular door colors, and adds a bit of personality and contrast to the front of your home. The Chinese culture believes red to be a lucky color. Painting your front door red is recommended in Feng Shui to invite prosperity to all who live inside the house.



Be brave. Take this soft pale pink, couple it with maroon and navy, and prepare to be dazzled. The truth is, the calming power of this glowy shade acts as a neutral. So bring in Ballet Slipper and let it play off other warm fall shades. Slip into some velvet booties and let the tenderness of the color tap into your soft side, encouraging you to let yourself slow down and watch the leaves fall. Add a pink lamp and don’t forget the pink light bulb because don’t ya know? Everyone looks prettier in a rosy light.