Father’s Day Gift Guide: Color Dad’s Special Day


There’s no better time to color dad’s special day than – you guessed it – Father’s Day!

Instead of sticking with Dad’s tried-and-true favorites (although those can be great, too), why not bring some color into his life that he might never enjoy otherwise?

The trick to choosing the perfect, colorful gift for Dad is to either choose something he’d never buy for himself in a color you know he loves, or select a more colorful version of an everyday staple he relies on. Below, you’ll find a few ideas for gifting Dad that are SURE to brighten up his special day.

Get happy. While Dad might have to dress up every day for work and keep it conservative, that doesn’t mean that his socks have to be humdrum. Look for socks with a colorful, playful spirit that still look sophisticated enough to grace the work place. Chances are his business partners and clients will be charmed by his subtle splash of color peeking out, and they might just be a conversation starter. A great gift that we love is the Happy Socks Mix Socks Gift Box ($45), which includes four pairs of socks with an array of color, personality and whimsy.

•  •  •  •

A new, sophisticated scent. While cologne might not be considered an “innovative” or “creative” Father’s Day gift, introducing Dad to a new designer or a new brand might just open up his world of color just a little bit more. Think of bottles that will look sleek, sophisticated and colorful on his bathroom vanity, or in his office bath. The coolest, most colorful line to us is Tom Ford. With sexy-yet-streamlined packaging and unisex scents, these bottles of sensory delight are SURE to please. I mean, just LOOK at that simple splash of color you’ll add to his daily routine!

My picks? The super colorful ones of course: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Mandarino Di Amalfi, Sole Di Postiano, and Neroli Portofino Forte (all $225 – $595).

•  •  •  •

Sharp-dressed man. While buying a suit for Dad might be a little tricky in the sizing and taste department, buying him the experience of a customized, colorful suit will be one he will always remember. For about $900 with J. Hilburn, you can buy Dad a custom in-home – or, in-office – fitting with his very own stylist with whom he can choose custom colors, fabrics, buttons and personalized options. My tip? Make it an experience you both share. Have Dad get fitted, and then join him for the fabric selection and personalization process, guiding him to choose more colorful options that he might not select himself. And, then head to lunch at his favorite spot! It’s sure to be not only a fashionable experience, but also a bonding memory you’ll both never forget!

Want a way to ease into wearing more color? A pop of color is perfect for adding a bit of personality and vibrancy.  A touch on the cuff or collar adds some visual interest but doesn’t over-do it.

Vilebrequin Polo Shirt  |   Robert Graham Sport Shirt  |  Etro Sport Shirt

And don’t forget accessories!  Ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, or custom colors on briefcases and bags are perfect picks as well!

My pick? I got my husband Charlie some Tumi luggage in his classic black color choice, but personalized with pops of orange (because a Tennessee Vol fan always goes for the Big Orange) and he loved it!  

•  •  •  •

Get glam with the grillmaster. If you REALLY want to splurge, and your dad happens to be a grillmaster, have we got a gift for you! Did you know that you can customize your outdoor grill color? Yep. While it’s definitely on the luxury end of things (running about $8,000 and up), if you really wanna spoil your grill-loving guy, look no further than a Hestan signature color grill. Whether it be clad in his favorite color or the shade of his favorite sports team, this grill will add some MAJOR personality to your backyard. Not to mention they grill to perfection which will give Dad enough satisfaction to last a grilling lifetime.

For a few colorful options to fire up the grill without burning up your bank account, check out these KitchenAid Gas Grills ($499) from Home Depot and Sam’s Club Vision Kamado Grill in bright assorted colors.

Whatever you decide to get Dad for Father’s Day, challenge yourself by seeing if you can’t add just a little bit of color to his world. Because color breeds creativity, the possibilities of what a little color can do for Dad are endless.

Happy Father’s Day, friends!