COLORspiration: A Wall Of Color


You’ve heard of a wall of sound, of course, but have you ever heard of “a wall of color?”
Well, I sure have.
And, I LOVE it!!!
        I absolutely love beautiful dishes and glassware, and I have always believed in beautifully displaying the things that make your heart happy when you see them. I have always done it–with anything from shoes to purses, books to dishes. When items are organized and displayed it looks less like clutter and more like eye candy.
        In fact, everywhere I look lately, I see walls – filled with colored glassware – that just speak to my color-seeking soul.
Whether it be in a home (like in Domino, pictured here)
Domino | photography by ALYSSA ROSENHECK
Or, as a way to display beautiful items in a store (like this one, captured by Instagram star, Alex Michael May)….
…there’s one thing I’m sure of:
Colored glass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!
Follow Elsie Larson‘s lead (pictured top), finding inspiration from her rainbow glass collection via Domino’s A Beautiful Mess, and carve out a cabinet in your kitchen, where a rainbow of colored glass can live.
And, adding colored glassware into your life can be a super easy – and, affordable – way to change up your home’s style and spirit. It can be as simple as hitting your local flea market or neighborhood garage sale, and looking for pieces that speak to you.  And, I’m not just talking drinking glasses here.  No, look for glassware that can be used in multiple ways.
Chill colorful glass dishes in the fridge prior to lunch with friends, and serve up a fresh fruit salad or sorbet in different hues.
Rather than a basic clear vase, house your bouquets in colorful bottles for an extra pop.
        Decanters can hold liquids, candles, blooming buds, or simply serve as art added to a cart or tray. Instead of keeping a bottle of Scope or Listerine out on the bathroom counter, pick up an etched decanter in your favorite hue that just feels deliciously luxurious every time you pick it up.


NATHAN SCHRODER PHOTOGRAPHY | from Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color
MOLL’S MUST-HAVE: Mario Luca GuistiWhat’s not to love with these beautiful, colorful tumblers and goblets? They have the look of finely cut crystal, but they are made from practical acrylic. Affordable, serviceable and available in a rainbow of colors, this fabulous glassware can be used anywhere. Bring a colorful collection to your bar, kitchen and your outdoor living space!
By adding a “wall of color” into the heart of your home, or starting off simple with vibrant pops of pretty pieces put in places that make you smile, you’ll be surprised by just how much joy it will bring to you and your family.