Color Story : Healthy Fido-Friendly Frozen Treats Pups Love


My, oh, my, how ice cream can change things. We all know as humans the joy and refreshment ice cream can bring to our palates – and to our souls – in the summertime, but what about our pups? Well, recently little Miss Harlow had her very first taste of ice cream (thanks to her dad), and I realized that she would never be the same.

Instead of forbidding her new favorite frozen treat, I talked to our vet, and researched all I could and came up with a slew of pup-friendly treats, that are super easy to make.

Start with the supplies. It’s simple. Use ice cube trays or get these super cute Freezy Pups Kit ($15.75) pup-themed trays for the perfect sized treats, shaped like paws, to get the whole family in the spirit of things! You can either order the trays with the pre-made, flavored packets on Amazon, or do what I like to do…make my own!

Freezy Pups Kit

Homemade goodness. While your grandmother’s cookbook might not house recipes for frozen dog treats, I’ve got plenty of them! For all recipes, I recommend freezing for 5 hours.

*Leftover-Larries: Have leftover chicken or beef from dinner? Place a piece of it in the bottom of each cup and pour unsalted beef or chicken broth on top, over it.

*Dairy Dogs: Place a mixture of cottage cheese and shredded cheddar in each cup, and freeze.

*Pumpkin Pupcicles: With fall right around the corner, these are a perfect festive fall treat for Fido! Combine canned pumpkin (pure pumpkin with no sugar or additives) with yogurt and place in cups.

*Watermelon Wonders: Can you say summertime? Combine watermelon, honey and banana in blender and pour into cups for summer deliciousness.

*Get Fruity, Fido! Combine ½ c blueberries, 1 c chopped strawberries and 1 c plain yogurt and place in cups. Instant vitamins, antioxidants and calcium for your favorite pet!

*Peanut Butter Pick-Me-Ups: Combine natural peanut butter and greek yogurt and pour into cups.

Gosh, these all sounds so good, now I’m hungry! I think I’ll be reaching for the Häägen Dazs, though.

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: Serve these slippery little treats with ease by using salad tongs! Remember that these fruit treats will stain, so consider these for outdoor treats.