Color Story : Health & Emotional Benefits Of Owning A Dog


I think we all know how much a pooch can perk up your life. My life was made instantly sunnier when I became a mom to my King Charles Spaniel, Sir Winston, and was improved even more when we adopted his sister, Harlow. But, did you know that there are multiple health benefits to owning a dog? Yep. From the looks of things, dog owners are healthier people, thanks to their furry, four-legged friends. That’s good news for me!

Happiness and well-being: Nothing says welcome home like the tail of a wagging dog. Dogs make wonderful companions and having a dog as a companion makes us happier and less likely to suffer depression. Having a pet to care for prevents loneliness and can give a sense of purpose, especially to the elderly or to those who livin alone. Plus, having a pet just adds more love, laughter and wet kisses to your life!

General overall health. By walking the dog twice a day, we add a little extra fitness into our lives. But, did you know that a Cambridge University study found that dog owners experience a marked improvement in general health in just one month? A comprehensive 10-month study showed that dog owners suffered fewer illnesses and pains, such as colds and headaches.

Easing pain & healing. Because of a reduction in stress, there is also a reduction in anxiety. A Loyola University study found that patients who use pet therapy, while recovering from surgery, actually need significantly less pain medication than those who don’t use pet therapy.

The socialization pro. Having a dog provides many chances to socialize that you might not have as a non-dog owner. You’ll meet new people and get to better know others when you take your pup on an early morning walk, to the dog park, to dog obedience class, to the vet, or to a dog-friendly restaurant. Dogs are instant icebreakers, giving strangers an easy topic of conversation. And, studies have shown that the more we meaningfully socialize, the healthier we are.

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