Color Story : Easy Ways To Keep Your Pups Active & Engaged


Don’t forget to pack your pup. I have loved traveling with Harlow and Winston! You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to travel with them, with just a little planning and foresight. As America gets more and more dog-friendly (and dog-crazy), airlines, hotels and restaurants all seem to be warming up to the fact that we want our best friends with us when we travel. And, when you see how happy they are just to be with you, it makes all of that planning a small price to pay!

Do the dog park. Depending upon your puppy’s personality and preferences, dog parks can be their favorite places. You should at least give it a try, if you haven’t done so already. Dog parks promote socialization between dogs, can help make nervous or minorly aggressive dogs, more accommodating, and are excellent, designated spaces for exercise and play. However, I think it’s important that owners provide records of the dogs’ shots in order for them to play in a dog park. Be aware that your dogs can be exposed to germs and parasites when frequenting dog parks so take precautions. Keep your flea, tick and heartworm medication up to date.

Tricks can be the trick. Start with little things, like telling your dogs to sit or stay and rewarding them when they do it. Next, move to “Down,” and then to “Shake.” By giving them tasks that they can accomplish, they’ll feel confident, valued, and, most importantly, stimulated.

Take a sidekick on errands. I’ve always heard that well-behaved dogs often go on errands with their owners. By taking your pups along with you on mundane errands – as simple as carpool, dropping a letter off at the post office, or picking up coffee – they are exposed to a variety of stimuli, places and people, that they simply can’t get at home. So grab the pup and go!

Training can be a treat. Dogs, by nature, like to please their owners. So, consider helping them be their best, by providing them with the proper training they crave. Whether it be a private trainer, an obedience class, or, even reading a book on how to do it yourself, training can improve your relationship with your pup, while also making him feel like he has a job to do.


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