Change Your Home, Change Your Life With Color: Transforming Black & White


Black and white can truly transform an ensemble…a home…a life.

The perfect balance of masculine and feminine, these extreme opposites somehow work in perfect harmony together in any situation. While keeping a look streamlined when paired together, black and white also provide the perfect complement to a colorful space or wardrobe.

So, yes, live your life in color, but don’t be afraid to keep some black and white in the mix, as well. Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate the color world’s most dynamic couple.

BLACK & WHITE MAKE A GREAT BASE. And, I do mean a base. To me, there is nothing better than a bold black and white rug or floor tile to set the tone of the room. Whether you use a black-and-white striped rug while also keeping the room black and white, or do a black and white floor tile, to set the stage for vibrant, punchy pops of color, black and white on the floor is never a bad idea.

Photo: Eric Adkins Photography
Even my adorable Harlow agrees that there’s nothing much better than a bold black and white rug…except maybe a ball. – @mollanderson


BOLD BLACK & WHITE SUMMER-TO-FALL FASHION. While black and white seem a far cry from the bright colors synonymous with summer fashion, their killer combination in summer fashion can be utterly breezy. Take a black and white sundress and pair it with a black and white sneaker for instantly hip-yet-classic style. Or, take a black and white swimsuit, and add a white or black summer hat, and voila! You’ve got summer style that would make Audrey Hepburn proud.

Lurelly  |  PILYQ  |  Norma Kamali  |  Lenny Niemeyer

6 Shore Road  |  Koral  |  L*SPACE  |  JETS by Jessika Allen

Best of all, that same one-piece you can score on sale now is the PERFECT piece to pull double-duty for date night. Just slide on some jeans and throw on a blazer and that swimsuit that seemed silly to buy at the end of summer ends up being your go-to bodysuit for fall.



CHALK IT UP. To bring a retro element to your home, all you need is a little chalkboard paint and some white chalk. To make a family room more “familyish,” add a black chalkboard for endless hours of fun for the kids and their friends. Or, add a splash of culinary fun to the kitchen by adding a chalkboard onto a wall, and writing tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s breakfast on the board. An excellent alternative to art, this adds a whimsical, down-to-earth element in any home while sticking with that black and white balance.

Photo: Decor de Provence Blog


BALANCING YOUR MANI. While black nails might be a little too goth for some of us, adding a balance of black with a white, neutral or light pink polish can be oh-so-chic for all the seasons. Consider doing a sophisticated take on the French mani, and painting the tip of the nail black instead of white. To keep the contrast, choose a light shade that works in harmony with the chic black tip. I promise you that everyone will be asking you for your manicure secrets.



Moll Must: To keep your fashion and beauty look in sync, sport some showstopper black beaded earrings while donning a hot pink lip. The balance between the serious black and the super fun fuchsia will bring just the right amount of elegance and whimsy to any ensemble.