Change Your Home, Change Your Life With Color | Invigorating Yellow


The brightest and most energizing of colors, #InvigoratingYellow is just sunshine bottled up as a color. Generally speaking, yellow is warm and welcoming, and has been shown to up the happiness factor of those who encounter it. And just like the excitement of long-awaited summertime, this color of the month can instantly perk up a room or a person!

Here’s how to add some tangible sunshine of your own into your life.

Life is a bowl of lemons. While yellow is one of the more popular color choices to paint one’s kitchen, there are a few different ways that yellow can be incorporated into the heart of the home. For the ultimate freshness of yellow in your home– and my every-day way to invigorate my place–buy (or pick) a bunch of lemons and pile them high in a bowl of bursting color or fill a vase with tulips in this happy hue . Place as a centerpiece on the dining table, on the family bar in the kitchen or on top of the coffee table. Not only will your eyes get a surprise every time you see your colorful centerpiece, but your sense of smell will be rewarded with citrus delight. For long lasting color, add splashes of sunny yellow in the form of dishtowels, napkins or dishes. Just a few strategic touches of the tone can instantly warm up the room and invite people to stay a little longer.

Lemons growing in Scottsdale, AZ where I grew up–there is nothing like picking them fresh!  @mollanderson
Fell in love with these fab towels the moment I spotted them in Frette! @mollanderson

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Think outside the box. When it comes to yellow in your home, think of unconventional pieces that can add a little brightness to a corner of a room, or splash on some paint to freshen up your space. Consider benches like this one below that my husband and I chose to live under one of our favorite works of art. Rise and shine with a bold touch in the bathroom, or shine and dine with brightly painted pieces around the table. What a warm welcome it would be to rock some yellow rocking chairs on the porch. Just think of yellow as a brightness that can be integrated into any room, and let the light of yellow shine.

Photo (above): Eric Adkins Photography

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Warming up to yellow? When it comes to fashion, think less of yellow as a head-to-toe fashion choice, and more as a pop of color option.  Yellow pairs nicely with neutrals, so find a lovely vintage yellow blouse that adds some feminine softness to your denim or leather. Yellow should highlight an outfit, so when rain comes, reach for yellow wellies, a yellow umbrella or a yellow raincoat. And, instead of the usual pastel for an afternoon tea party or luncheon, look for a lemon yellow dress to look daytime appropriate and light without looking too dramatic.

Photo: Jeff Katz Photography

Dress up in yellow. With its warmth and brightness, consider your hair color and skin tone, and you will find there is a yellow hue for you. On lighter complexions, it can make skin look creamier, and on dark skins, it can make skin look downright luminescent.

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An alternative to neutral. Not a big fan of beige or crème? Consider keeping things neutral with a champagne and golden hues. Pale yellows are considered soft, sunny and pleasing, so anywhere you might use a neutral, you can more than likely use a soft yellow. It’s also a good idea to keep on hand as a neutral, yet creative, color choice for giftwrap or guest bedroom sheets, or simple bedside table touches–as pale yellow is generally considered a gender-neutral shade.

Photos: Eric Adkins Photography

Moll Must: To ease into the sunshine explosion that IS the color yellow, consider replacing elements of white with the sunny hue. White curtains hanging? Just for fun, take down the white curtains, and see how sunny yellow curtains hanging can inspire you. Pop in some new pillows and throws and instantly create a brand new color vibe!

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