Change Your Home, Change Your Life With Color: Comforting Blue


July just brings up memories of fireworks, apple pie, hometown parades, and of course…red, white and BLUE!

Maybe it’s because my father had beautiful, piercing blue eyes but when I used to wish for the love of my life, I always imagined him having bright blue eyes.

Enter my husband, Charlie, aka, the love of my life.

With his soulful blue eyes and remarkable heart, he won my heart.

I suppose the reason I have always been attracted to blue is due to its comforting nature. Blue makes us think of coursing river streams, soothing waterfalls, strong oceans and icy sapphires. When we think of the word “blue,” a comforting, cool vibe comes to mind and we’re immediately left a bit more peaceful.

Moll & Charlie Anderson | @mollanderson


So, how can we add some of that cooling comfort into our daily lives? I’m here to help you do just that.

Make every day a vacation. What if you turned your home into one of those resorts you love getting away to for vacations? Bring the colors and lifestyles of the world to you, your family, and your home. Color evokes emotion and can conjure up memories, so think about your favorite travel destinations and consider the images that come to mind.  If blue inspires you, then create a color vibe by simply adding that hue into your home.

Think classic blue and white tile in the kitchen…

A sea-emulating blue tile in the shower or bold blue accents in the bathroom…

Photo: John Hall Photograhy

A blue and white rug to bring some French Riviera elegance into the living room or stripes for a nod to the nautical…


All of these décor choices can add up to your house feeling more like a vacation home and less just a place to hang your hat. Blue used in bedrooms and baths is the most popular choice for creating a calm environment.


Bring on the blue! Love this hue? Or feeling brave enough to try something new? Sometimes the best way to go big is to start small.  Small spaces are great places to experiment with color, and sometimes you may want to add a little excitement to your room by using wallpaper or more than one color of paint. Why not? This is a perfect way to mix pattern play with the simplicity of white on white with blue. Remember that design, like art, is subjective. Consider what you love. The sky’s the limit when you’re creating your space!


Bouquets of blue. Blue is an unexpected flower choice so when we see it, it inevitably takes us by surprise…and, pleasant surprises are always welcome.

Start with a solid blue base of blue delphiniums or hydrangeas – or both – for a good light and dark mix. To add some warmth, add in a burst of yellow, or to add a little whimsy, add in a pop of pink.


The beauty of blues. When it comes to the beauty of blue, you really have two main choices: eyes or nails…or, both! Stick with a bold blue that works as a statement accessory to your look. For instance, keep your manicure on the shorter side and paint on a few coats of Essie All the Wave polish ($9).

OR, go smoky and bold on the eye with an electric denim-inspired look from Chanel’s new Ombre Première collection. Just be sure to keep the lip pale, pretty and simple if you go THIS bold.


Entertaining Blue-Style. Entertaining with blue just instantly feels elegant, doesn’t it? Not sure where to start? Head to your local Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, and look for the nicely-priced blue napkins, dishes, cookware and glassware that speak to you.


Cooking up your holiday feast in festive blue cookware from Le Creuset!

Or, serve a colorful cocktail in hand blown glass with cobalt rims…


Whatever blue you decide to “do,” there is an inherent calmness in the color that seems to transport us to another place. And, we all need to be transported – or, at least comforted – every now and then.