A NEW Resolution: Take Your Workout Home With You


‘Tis the season for big resolutions, broken resolutions and lofty fitness goals. But, what if this year – instead of setting fitness goals that are unreachable and unrealistic to maintain – we focus on a goal that can be attained? Instead of setting fitness resolutions that are sure to be broken, let’s set a fitness goal of moving every day, in your own home or backyard, and turning those fitness goals into a daily activity you look forward to. I was inspired to write this piece after I found a workout in Malibu that I just loved, and literally had to take it home with me. I hope you will follow suit, and fall in love with a workout that you too can do at home!

When I discovered SoulCycle, thanks to my girlfriend Brooke Burke in Malibu, I was hooked. I had finally found a cardio workout I loved!

There was only one problem: the towns I live in – Knoxville, Dallas and Santa Fe – don’t have a SoulCycle. Well, that wasn’t gonna stop me! I decided to turn a space in our home in Knoxville into a SoulCycle-away-from-Soulcycle studio. I bought the bikes, put up a wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, hooked up a sound system and tv, and created some SoulCycle-inspired playlists. Now, I can get my preferred workout in whenever I want!

Moll Soul Cycle 1

Best of all, the whole family has fallen in love with SoulCycle. It is great having  something the whole family can enjoy doing together!

And as for me? Well, I keep going at it, because I have no excuses! I know we’ve all been there, where we talk ourselves out of working out, thanks to a gazillion excuses – no time, no energy, too early, too late, too hot, too cold, too far to the gym, etc. But, by bringing the gym home with you, you literally have no excuses. By doing that, you’ve already taken the word obstacle out of the equation.

Moll Soul Cycle 2

Now, I know not everyone out there has the space in their home for a home gym, so instead of going big like I did, consider starting small. Order some workout dvds you can work out to at home. Or, consider buying an indoor cycle, and checking out the streaming classes that Peloton Cycle has going. That way, you can “stream’n’spin” anytime!

Still not convinced to bring your cardio home with you? Then, how about just a little weight training, flexibility work or yoga? You can build your muscles by lifting arm weights or doing squats while you watch your favorite tv show, do some yoga on a mat while listening to your favorite tunes, or crank out some quick pilates moves first thing in the morning.

Whatever you do, just make a commitment to being a fit, healthy house. By bringing your fitness routine into the home, you’ll have no more excuses and your health – and figure – will thank you for it.

Moll Wants To Know: How do you get fit at home?