A Colorful New Year: Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year


Greenery, a zesty, energetic yellow-green is the Pantone Color of the Year, and I am so excited it is green! Pantone, the global color authority, reveals new colors every year, and they describe this year’s selection as being symbolic of new beginnings–perfect for kicking off a colorful New Year. Green is the most organic color and is nature’s neutral—it can be used almost anywhere. It’s known as a healing color and also symbolizes balance, harmony, growth, renewal and natural abundance.


Kitchen and dining areas, inside and out are my favorite places to infuse green because more than any other color green appeals to our sense of smell, evoking the aromas of freshness and nature like fresh herbs or cut grass: I love including herbs, and I’m obsessed with mint, thyme, basil and cilantro. They are perfect additions when potted in the kitchen as edible accessories or placed on the dining table ready to pluck and savor. When you include fresh herbs in your daily life you will use them often while cooking, or in your tea, cocktails, and salads. Adding a bowl of fresh limes is another way to naturally bring this refreshing color into your home.


Greenery is a vibrant color so you need to consider the energetic effect of a whole room in this color. I suggest start small and try painting an accent wall or go bold and explore the possibility of infusing this color into your smallest spaces, such as a powder room, laundry room or home office. Paint is a budget-friendly way to experiment with color and enliven your space.  Adding “pops of color” to your home is a perfect way to bring the energy of a particular hue into your life. Accessorizing with colorful accents is an affordable way to infuse color into your room and space, with minimal risk and you can easily change the vibe by swapping out some key accessories. Literally in a day or weekend you can change the energy in your home and life simply by bringing a color that you’re drawn to into your space —think pillows, throws, dishes, accessories and of course plants. Try cacti and succulents because they are durable living plants. Artificial green turf cut like rugs on balconies and patios outside bring immediate life to a concrete space. Let your green imagination run wild because everything, when done with purpose and love will affect you and your family.


Color is powerful! It is an amazing source of energy that has a sensory effect on all of us —both good and bad, so it’s important to understand how you really feel about a color. Even if the color is on trend, you have to consider how that color will affect your mood, your feelings and even your behavior. Meaning, I want you to be drawn to the color that you incorporate into your life. Trends come and go and no one can tell you to use a certain color that you don’t really love. If your are not sure this hue is for you then you can organically start small with something as easy as a lacquer box in a fab color of green without committing to a room full of new furniture.


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Whether you realize it or not, color rules–rules your home, rules your emotions, rules your life. Your emotional response to color is based on your experiences and memories, and like any memory, color can evoke happy feelings–or not-so-happy ones. My passion is to help people understand their Color Story —because we all have one. Mine took me on a life-changing journey and I’m excited to share my personal journey as well as advice, lessons, and tips that will help people change their lives simply and cost effectively in as little as a weekend! It is the start of a new year, and we have a blank canvas before us…join me in this journey of discovering your own personal color story, and paint your year however you want it!  Change Your Home, Change Your Life™…With Color!