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  • Gorgeously Green

    Earth Day is days away and we all need to do a little more for the environment, whether that means giving up plastic water bottles or eating smarter. My guest today is going to help us go gorgeously green! Green expert Sophie Uliano joins us to share some great tips-going green doesn’t mean you still can’t be gorgeous. You’ll learn that from all of her “Gorgeously Green” books. She is a fixture on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family” on and she is just a complete beauty inside and out! Then later in the show we feature Jennifer Rose, the Editorial Director for The Spoiled Life and The Interior Project. She tells us how to look like we are leading the spoiled life even if we are really not. Producer Susannah and I have some great articles of course, including “10 Ways to Go Green and Save.” Start by taking shorter showers, and turning off those lights that you are not using! Now with spring is in full force, it’s time to clean up those walkways and if you are out of ideas then you’ll find helpful hints in this article “Curb Appeal on a Dime.” How about adding container plants at your front door or illuminating the pathway? There are a lot of great tips! Our beauty expert Dawn McCoy is still at the Coachella Music Festival giving us inspiring beauty and fashion tips. Our hot pick song of the week isOn Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons. Don’t forget to write into me at for any advice. See you next week!

  • Side Effect Skinny

    Today we are chatting it up with America’s favorite fitness expert Denise Austin. She shares with us her latest book “Side Effect: Skinny: Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet,” skinny is definitely a side effect we all would welcome! And I know you are not going to believe me when I say Denise is 57 years old! She looks better than most 30 year olds. You definitely want to hear her energetic motivating advice and lifestyle plan, so tune in! Then later in the show, I welcome on a fellow Gracie winner Deb Carson from Fox Sports Radio. This is one woman who knows her sports and the importance of family. We talk about the controversial issue of Mets player Daniel Murphy taking a three-day paternity leave. Tune in to hear what we think about all of this. Producer Susannah and I have a great article “The Top 10 Complaints from Unhappy Husbands.” Now before you get your mini violins out there, these are some reasonable complaints. Find out if you are guilty of these! Then our Beauty Beat expert is hanging out at the Coachella Music Festival in CA. While she is attending the top A-list parties, she is giving us the fashion musts for this summer inspired event. Our hot pick song of the week is one hot song it’s called “Wild Wild Love” by Pitbull featuring G.R.L. Tune in next week as Earth Day approaches we find out some helpful, gorgeously green tips. See you next week!

  • Freshen Up For Spring

    We are freshening up our love life with love makeover specialist Dr. Eris Huemer. You know her from the Bravo hit series LA Shrinks and author of “Breakup Emergency: A Guide to Transform Your Break Up Into a Break Through. If you think psychologists don’t have problems of their own, think again! This show turns the tables on these popular shrinks. Idol alums, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young stop by the Moll House and talk about their wedding and their exciting entertainment show Planet 360 on the Hallmark Movie Channel. They dish on how they met, their relationship, and the details of their show. You don’t want to miss this adorable couple! If you are a fan of the The Food Network, Cupcake Wars, well then you are in for a real treat! Recent winner of the most delicious battle on TV, Hollis Wilder is on the hotline with us. She just cooked up a great book entitled “Savory Biteswhere she cooks meals in cupcake trays to ensure proper portions. You will want to listen to her simple plan to get her family involved in preparing meals. Talking to her was a complete delight; you’ll want to tune in for sure. Moll helps a listener get bathing suit ready for her trip to the beach. Be sure to send in your questions to Listen in next week for an all new Moll Anderson Show. Xo

  • Moll Goes Greek

    I’m very excited about this weeks show; we couldn’t have on all the ladies of Home and Family last week without asking the queen of fashion and makeover segments Debbie Matenopoulos. Debbie has had such an amazing career - from starting as one of the original hosts for the View to working at E! and now she is doing fashion segments for Hallmark’s Home and Family. Debbie has a fabulous new cookbook called “It’s all Greek To Me” releasing on April 29th, and you can preorder now! The book includes century old recipes from her Greek family. She actually went back to Greece to get all the heart healthy recipes and translate them to English. Later in the show, I am so thrilled to have on Colet Abedi. She has a hot new romance novel that is getting rave reviews and it’s called ‘Mad Love.” This cover had me chillin’ by the beach; get the book and you will know instantly what I am talking about! Dawn McCoy from stops in to share some great products. What would we do without all these great products! Producer Susannah and I have some fun articles to go along with the guests, “Eat Your Way to Better Sex: Aphrodisiac Recipes.” Did you know that eggs help you balance your hormone level and cope with stress? Don’t forget the strawberries, preferably dipped in chocolate! And since we are all about Colet’s romance novel “Mad Love” we found an article “Hot Fictional Husbands We Wish Were Real.” Did your leading fictional character make the list? I know one that needs to be added! Our hot pick song of the week is by Paramore and it’s called Ain’t It Fun. Email all your questions to! Have a great week xo!

  • What’s Cooking with Cristina Ferrare?

    It is a Home and Family kind of day, The Hallmark’s Channel Home and Family that is! My very good friend Cristina Ferrare joins us to talk about cooking, and what it is like being the host of Home and Family. She gives us a sneak peak of a cookbook she has in the works with her co-host Mark Steines doing the photography and she dishes on her star-studded guests in the line up for this upcoming week. Then later in the show, another amazing woman you have seen everywhere from Ellen, to The Doctors, and now on Home and Family, Kym Douglas joins us to talk about bliss-ology. You also do not want to miss the info on her new “Beauty Bib.” Dawn McCoy from stops by to talk about fresh new shadows and great color from Loreal cosmetics. Producer Susannah and I have a couple of amazing articles “18 Signs You’re With the Man You Should Marry.” If he is making sacrifices for you and happy to do so than chances are you are with the right man! We also found a fun article “24 Beauty Things Guys Don’t Get.” Does your man get that sparkly shadow you wear or your faux lashes? Our hot pick song of the week is “All of Me” by John Legend. Doesn’t that song just make you melt! Don’t forget to write into me at See you next week!

  • Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be set up by a professional matchmaker? Well today we have celebrity matchmaker, life coach, and relationship expert Melanie Mar on the show to tell us how she works with her clients, finds new romances, and heals broken ones. She’s absolutely fabulous. You definitely want to hear her approach on how to avoid negative and self-destructive thoughts and speech patterns. Then, ladies are you listening? Do you need extra income? Later in the show we have award-winning media personality, Monique Caradine who coaches women on how to achieve success and make more money. Not only is Monique inspiring, she also gives us easy tips on how to bring in more money! Stay tuned on how to break out your inner millionaire! Producer Susannah and I kick off the show with “8 Things Girls Do That Push Guys Away.” If you feel like guys are always backing out of your new relationship - YOU might be the problem! Listen to this great article to see if you have been sabotaging your relationship. Are you one of those women who can’t do anything on your own? We found a fun article “20 Things Women Absolutely Cannot Do Without Each Other.” From going to the ladies room to the office cooler, find out if you are guilty of these! Our beauty expert Dawn McCoy stops in to give us the latest and greatest spring inspired beauty products from faux lashes to gloss. It’s time to update your palette! Our hot pick song of the week is called The Mann and it’s by Aloe Blacc. Have a great week. Write into me at for any advice! XO

  • Spring Forward Into Fashion

    It’s an Oscar roundup weekend! We dish on all the winners, speeches, dresses, twit pics, and yes the pizza guy too! Who else would we dish with but our go-to entertainment guru Tara Hitchcock from We have so much fun discussing those fabulous dresses and not so fab dresses and those Travoltaized names. What was your favorite part of the night? Tune in to hear ours. Then later in the show, Joanne Levine who we all know as The Closet Stylist, returns. She helps us prepare for spring fashion and tells us what to do with those chunky winter sweaters. Producer Susannah and I have great articles this week. First we have “You’re The Captain Now: Sex Tips Inspired by Oscar Movies” these are as fun as they sound. Who doesn’t want to yell out, I’M THE CAPTAIN NOW! Or what do you think about a seventy’s inspired wig from American Hustle? And we have an article on “The 5 Top Fashion Trends for 2014.” It looks like pastels are the color of choice for this spring! Of course we couldn’t discuss the Oscars without talking who had the best beauty look. Our beauty specialist Dawn McCoy from stops in to share some great products and tells us her favorite look from the night. Our hot pick song of the week is called “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash. Don’t forget to write into me each week at See you next week! xoxo