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  • Girl Talk with Brooke Burke-Charvet

    Today my girlfriend Brooke Burke-Charvet is here with me and we are talking about balancing your career, family, workout time, and oh yeah some good old me time! I am so thrilled to have one of my best gal pals to talk about these personal topics. If you find yourself never having the time for a special night out, or not having time for just yourself, then you need to tune in to this show and let go of the guilt! Producer Susannah and I throw in some great articles to help with this topic, like “The Top 10 Tips for Balancing Work and Family,” and “10 Compliments Guys Give You and What They Actually Mean.” Our hot pick song of the week is heating up the charts it’s by Maroon 5 and its called “Maps.” Don’t forget to write into me each week with any questions See you next week! Xo

  • Giving Hope. Giving Back

    Today’s show is all about giving back! I share with you my field visit with UNICEF that is very dear to my heart. I journeyed to Jamaica to participate in some of UNICEF’s life changing programs, and the experience was life changing for me too. What a fulfilling experience this was. Stay tuned for all the details on the show. Then later, we invite on the Director of One Hope Community, Haley Harris Bell. You are going to love this way of giving back. Haley stops in the Moll house to talk about how fun and easy it is to help a cause by popping a cork. That’s right I’m talking about wine tasting parties. And Producer Susannah and I have found some great articles to go with the topic of giving back. “How to Choose a Service Organization to Join” and “Ways to Give Back to Your Community.” It’s not all about writing a check; your time matters too! Dawn McCoy from stops in to give us some great Fergalicious glam. She recently sat down with the Duchess Fergie herself and she dishes on Fergie’s latest beauty products. I have to say they are GLAMOROUS! Our hot pick song of the week will get you believing again, it’s called “Believer” by the American Authors. See you next week! Xo

  • Memoirs from Stage, Screen, and Reality Stars

    Today on the show we are so thrilled to have Emmy and Tony Award winning actress Swoosie Kurtz. From Broadway and film to television, Swoosie has done it all. Today, she is here talking about her book “Part Swan Part Goose, An Uncommon Memoir of Womanhood, Work and Family.” Swoosie explains how she got her name and she talks about her bond with her parents. She gives us an inside look into her acting career and the actors who have shared the stage and screen with her, from Carol Burnett to Melissa McCarthy.You are in for a real treat! Then later in the show we welcome Courtney Robertson, Season 16 winner of the Bachelor. She is here to talk about her book; “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.” She gives us her side of the story on why she was portrayed as a villain on the show, and what happened to her relationship with Bachelor Ben. Producer Susannah and I have a great couple of articles; “20 Genius Space Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase.” How about putting your dirty shoes in a shower cap, or storing your bobby pins in a tic tac container! There are a lot of useful tips in this one! And since summer is still sizzling we have an article for dates, “8 Laid Back Summer Dates” - music to our ears. Have some fun with post it notes, and sipping wine under the stars. Later Dawn McCoy from drops in to give her Beauty Beat and she does not disappoint with her Bobbi Brown summer line, beautiful bronzers and lipsticks. You definitely have to hear about these! Our hot pick song of the week is the one and only Jennifer Lopez called “First Love. “Don’t forget to write to me each week at for any advice at See you next week xo!

  • Funny Female Moments with Heather McDonald

    Well +today is a real treat, comedian Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately joins us to talk about her new funny Female Moments clip Café Con Life. The clip rings so true and she is wonderful in it, along with my daughter in-law Aphrodite! Heather dishes on being a mom, juggling a career, and author. From standup comedy routines to working with Chelsea Handler, this woman is very busy! Then later in the show we find out what men really want. Dr. Chris Mohr who is on the advisory board for “Men’s Fitness” magazine tells us 5 things that men want, including a sharper mind and a healthy sex life! We found out that women have many of the same wants. Producer Susannah and I have great articles “25 Reasons Working With Other Women is the Best,” It sure takes the creepy inappropriate guy out of the office holiday party, and if you need a tampon no worry someone is bound to have one! And we found an article, “How To Keep Your Man Happy: 5 Steps to Improving Your Relationship.” Dawn McCoy from stops in for our Beauty Beat and she does not disappoint! Our hot pick song of the week is by Coldplay called “A Sky Full of Stars.” Don’t forget to write in to me at! XO

  • Beauty in the Kitchen

    Get your fireworks ready, the 4th of July it is just days away! Alexis Wolfer founder of and author of “The Recipe For Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen” joins us today. We are talking about what to do with those left over coffee grinds, and what to stock in your fridge - all with beauty in mind. Producer Susannah and I have some fun articles, including “6 Tips to Ignite the Fireworks in your Bedroom,” that’s right kiss her like a teenager! And if you need ideas for the kids on the 4th how about this article “Organize a Neighborhood 4th of July Parade;” decorate scooters, bikes and wagons for make shift floats.  Dawn McCoy from stops in to help us get all fired up for the big night and she has some amazing products as usual. And who better to have the hot pick song of the week than Katy Tiz with “The Big Bang.” Have a wonderful holiday! See you next week :)

  • Be The Boss of Your Life

    Tabatha takes over “The Moll Anderson Show” this week. That is Tabatha Coffey from Bravo’s hit series “Tabatha Takes Over.” She is here today to talk about her new book “Own It!: Be the Boss of Your Life—at Home and in the Workplace.” Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to own your own business? Then, you need to listen to Tabatha’s keys to success for “owning your business and your life.” She also has a great line of wig and extensions called Luxhair and she shares her advice on hairstyles too. Later in the show, Brenna Mader Miss Tennessee 2013 dishes on the Miss USA buzz about a size 4 being normal, and she gives us some great advice about overcoming insecurities. You can keep up with all her tips on fashion, nutrition and travel on her blog Producer Susannah and I have some great articles to go along with our guests, “How To Choose the Perfect Haircut fort your Hair Texture and Face Shape.” Find out what the most flattering cut is on everyone. And if you have insecurities you are not alone! We have an article “How to Deal With Insecurity in 4 Steps.” Our Beauty Beat expert Dawn McCoy stops in to give us the latest and greatest summer advice. Our hot pick song of the week is heating up the charts for this first official weekend of summer and it is called “Rude” by Magic! Don’t forget to write into me each week at See you next week!

  • Summer Tips for Staying Fit

    Today we are bringing back America’s favorite fitness expert Denise Austin. She shares with us her latest book “Side Effect: Skinny: Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet,” skinny is definitely a side effect we all would welcome! You don’t want to miss her motivating advice, health tips and fitness solutions. We also have Hallmark Home and Family’s queen of fashion and makeover segments, Debbie Matenopoulos. Debbie has had such an amazing career - from starting as one of the original hosts for the View to working at E! And now she is doing fashion segments for Hallmark’s Home and Family. Debbie has a fabulous new cookbook called “It’s All Greek To Me” The book includes century old recipes from her Greek family. She even went back to Greece to get all the heart healthy recipes and translated them to English. Beauty expert Dawn McCoy from stops by with some beauty tips. Don’t forget to send your questions to me at xoxo