LOVE THIS! Bright pops of color in the darkness of winter

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Spring is right around the corner, so why not send it a little encouragement its way!

I don’t know about you, but I have had ENOUGH of this frosty weather. It just seems colder this year, doesn’t it? Well, I for one am not waiting for spring to come. I’m going to trick it into coming a bit earlier, by incorporating some spring boldness into my beauty routine.

Flirty Spring Lips. I think we all know that we wear lipstick more for other women, than the gentlemen in our lives. Know how I know? Because sometimes I’ll say to myself, “It’s a little bold for a date with Charlie, but I know my girlfriends would love this.” So, that’s what I do. I save that fun, bold, bright lip for lunch with the girls, and keep my sexy nude lip for date nights. And I’m never disappointed. Whenever we wear a new shade of lipstick, doesn’t it feel great to have a woman you admire ask for the shade? With these two spring-hued lipsticks, be prepared, because you’re going to be asked that a lot.

Flirty Fuchsia. The ultimate flirty, fun and girly shade, this lip color, like Smashbox Fuchsia Flash Matte ($26), reminds me of something that Audrey Hepburn would have worn in Sabrina. It has the perfect mix of pink and purple, which makes it a simply stunning and classic choice.

Pink Lips copyMoll:

Fierce, Fiery Red-Orange. Lip colors like MAC Lady Danger ($16), warm up the face with total power. And that particular shade just sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? Well, the only danger you’ll be causing with this lip color is the mad rush for the MAC counter you’ll create after wearing it out to a party.

Red Lips copyMoll:

Don’t Forget To Get Cheeky. If you’re going with a bold lip, be sure to balance it with a soft pop of bright color on the cheeks. Stila Convertible Color ($25) in Fuchsia, Petunia and Gerbera have long been celebrity-go-to’s for instant cheek brightening. Add a pop of color right on the apple of the cheek to instantly brighten and perk up a bold-lipped face. Another trick? If you don’t want to wear makeup, add a pop of this on a bare face and mix a little of it with your lip balm for an instantly bright, no-fuss look.

Pink Cheeks copyMoll:

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: I find that when sporting a bright pop of color, you want to keep it simple and polished, by going easy on the eye makeup and leaving that skin glowing. If you do a bright lip, make sure your skin glows, add a few coats of mascara and finish the look with a bright lip. Hurry, spring, hurry.

We all want it. We all seek it. And not all of us know how to get it. Finding your purpose is one of life’s great mysteries, and I want to help you find yours. Today, I’m bringing you the ultimate Moll Must – my A to Z guide to help you find your life purpose. Are you ready? Ok, then. Let’s get started.

Ask yourself what truly makes you happy. Be honest.

Begin anew each day. Accept that every day can be a new chapter and write yours.

Challenge yourself, by stepping outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s traveling, taking a class, or introducing yourself to someone you admire, challenge yourself to do the (almost) unthinkable.

Do one things every day that’s in line with your purpose. Whether it’s reading about what you want to do, watching a film about it, or even going on a walk and just mulling it over, make it your mission every day to make time for it. Don’t know what it is yet? Do something every day to help you find it.

Effect change in the world, by seeing where there’s a hole and filling it. If you think you can do it better, do it.

Follow your heart –not the dreams, plans or expectations of anyone else.

Give back as much, if not more, than you get. Whether it’s advice, money or job opportunities, pay it forward. You’ll see a change in your life.

Have faith that everything will work out for the best. Even when it doesn’t look like it will, life can throw some beautiful unexpected moments your way.

Ignore criticism. There are plenty of critics out there, and they should NOT be a part of your journey. While I know it’s harder to ignore those critics who might live with you, remember that their journey is not your journey and vice versa.

Jump into your passions heart first. The head can’t lead when it comes to this stuff.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, and work to keep those strengths strong, and turn those weaknesses into strengths, when it can help you.

Listen more than you talk, when it comes to finding your purpose. It’s in those moments of listening where things can really begin to get clearer and clearer.

Make each moment count. Turn off that tv. Turn off the phone. Shut the laptop. And stay present in the moment you are in right now.

Notice how you feel while pursuing your purpose. Does it feel good? Keep doing it. Does it feel uncomfortable? If it does, that may not be a bad thing. What kind of uncomfortable? Scary in a good way? Keep doing it. Just be honest with yourself.

Observe those you admire and watch carefully how they do things. How can you emulate them? How can you do it even better, perhaps?

Paint your own corner of the world. Focus on what you can do, and how you can do it differently than anyone else has ever done it before. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Quit making excuses – whether it’s about changing jobs, losing weight or staying in a negative relationship. Excuses get you nowhere every time.

Rid yourself of the superfluous things in your life. The clutter has got to go – and I’m not just talking about things, here. The negative people who clutter your life have got to go, as well.

Stay true to the person you want to be. If it doesn’t authentically feel like you, don’t do it. Period.

Talk about your purpose. Even if it feels like it’s unrealistic, talking about it can not only make it seem more realistic, but may just bring about revelations you’ve never even considered.

Utilize your resources. Bountiful resources are available everywhere and you already have them. Libraries, conferences, schools, websites and books are some of the best resources around. And, be sure to make the most out of the people in your life, too. They’re the best resources of all.

Visualize what you want to manifest. Dream it. See it. Believe it. Do it.

Winning is not everything, contrary to what Charlie Sheen says. Remember that “winning” looks different to everybody. Seek to be happy, truthful and authentic, above all else.

EXpect nothing, but be hopeful and plan everything so that you set yourself up to succeed.

Yield when you need to yield. If you’re trying your hardest and doing your best, and yet you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall, take a moment and regroup. Sometimes, we all just need a good night’s sleep for things to look better the next morning.

Zeal is crucial when seeking your purpose. Does it make you excited? Do you want to share it? You’ve found your passion and purpose, my friend. And that zeal and purpose can sustain you the rest of your life. Just ask me.


Moll Wants To Know: Have you found your purpose? What is it? What would you pursue if nothing stood in your way?

LOVE THIS! Bold Lips and Bold Hair

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: While we might not all have been award winners at this past Sunday’s Academy Awards, we can all strut our stuff with award-winning looks!

With spring knocking on our door, it was no accident that the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards was all about bold lips and bold hairdos. I felt downright inspired to try a shade of lipstick I’ve never tried before and perhaps try something different with my hair. After all, why should the stars be the only ones who get to be chameleons?

Marvelous like Margot. When I saw Oscars’ presenter, Margot Robbie, on the red carpet, I saw a star reminiscent of my favorite Hollywood icons. Between the fiery red-orange bold lips, the deep-cut black gown, and the piecey bob, she stood out as more of a golden age Hollywood icon than a flash-in-the-pan, young starlet. Thanks to her makeup artist, Tyron Macchausen, here’s how we can replicate her screen siren look at home.

87th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsMoll:

Minimal Eye Makeup. With the bold lip like Margot rocked, keep the eyelids bare, and eye makeup minimal. Apply Hourglass Cosmetics Mechanical Gel Eyeliner ($45) to the inside of the upper lash line to define the lashes and apply several coats of Hourglass Film Noir Mascara ($28) to the top lashes, to keep the eyes subtly defined, while keeping the focus on the skin and lips.

As for those lips? For this iconic starlet pout, line lips with Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Pencil in Raven ($28), followed by Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven ($28), for a pop of matte orange-red.

Regal like Reese. When it comes to the red carpet, Reese Witherspoon just can do no wrong in my book. And, again, with her look, we caught a glimpse of Old Hollywood glamour, reminiscent of Grace Kelly. I particularly adored her modern take on classic 40s waves, paired with that modern classic gown. Her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, gave the rundown, so we can try it for our next date night. It might take a little patience, but it’s sure to give you the regal Reese look we all crave.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Red CarpetMoll:

1) Start by creating a severe middle part and apply John Frieda Luxurious Volume Building Mousse from roots to mid shaft to towel-dried hair.

2) Continue building the perfect foundation by applying John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz-Immunity Primer from roots to ends before blow-drying hair away from the face with a medium-sized round brush.

3) Once dry, tuck hair behind both ears and pin into place with bobby pins. From Adir, himself: “A great tip to avoid dents in the hair is to use a business card and hair clip to hold the style in place.” Love that insider tip!

4) To create the soft waves in the back, use a 1″ curling iron and curl the hair in a barrel curl from ends to mid shaft, pinning them in place to cool down.  Continue that motion throughout the entire back section of the hair throughout the remainder of the hair that is down.

5) Before removing the cooled curls from their pin set, spray John FriedaFrizz Ease Keraflex Flexible Hold Hairspray, then remove all the pins and let the hair drop, applying more hairspray on a paddle brush and brush out the curls into a smooth 1940’s wave.

6) Remove the business cards (a.k.a., secret weapons) that were holding the front structure of the hair in place and apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Expert Finish Polishing Serum with a coloring brush to create duality in texture.

7) To finish, spritz John Frieda Frizz Ease Keraflex Flexible Hold Hairspray to lock in style all night.

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: When applying a bold lip color like the one Margot modeled at the Oscars, define the lip line by applying a concealer around the edge of the lip line, after all lip products have been applied. It will make the lip color pop even more, and make the lips look fuller. And bonus? It’s also great for cleaning up mistakes!

With all of the people in our lives that we love and care for every day, there’s one person that we need to care for above anyone else: ourselves. And sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to remember. We fill our lives with such busyness that sometimes we don’t take the time for ourselves that we so desperately need. As Julia Cameron says, “Treating yourself like a precious object will make you strong.” And the stronger you get, the better you are able to take care of all of those other people and things in your life. So, let’s take a pledge today to carve time out each week to really nurture ourselves and feed our souls. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do just that to get you started.

Never underestimate a good, hot bath. A hot bath at the end of a long day is an easy and inexpensive way to unwind and relax. And don’t baths just feel indulgent? Good. That’s what we’re going for here. Add some bubbles, light those candles and turn on some soft music, and you’re not only taking a bath, you’re creating a whole nurturing experience for yourself.

Indulge, indulge, indulge. Rather than depriving yourself, love yourself by indulging a little every now and then. Whether it’s eating that delicious ice cream cone on a sunny Sunday afternoon, or getting a pedicure on a Tuesday, indulge in something that makes you feel special…and maybe even just a little bit naughty. Just be sure not to judge yourself when you’re doing it. If you’re going to eat something that’s not a part of your daily diet, or spend a little money to pamper yourself, be sure you do so with an open, accepting heart, so it will be a purely positive experience. That’s what nurturing yourself is all about.

And the rest is history. The simplest way to nurture yourself is simply to get adequate sleep. Doctors recommend between 7-9 hours of sleep per night, but most of us aren’t getting that. So, what do you do when you’re sleep deprived and wanting to pamper yourself for free? Take a nap. A 20-minute nap is ideal, and is enough to recharge you, without leaving you feeling groggy. Not a nap person? Venture out and try savasana yoga. This type of yoga focuses solely on total relaxation of the body, and many people find it to be completely restorative, as well.

Spend the day in bed. You know how when you’re sick, it feels like you’re playing hooky? You’re in bed, in your comfy pajamas, tv on, the covers are pulled up to your chin, and you’re totally at peace. But, why save that kind of peaceful downtime just for sick days? Carve out a weekend day every now and then to literally do nothing. Buy your favorite foods at the grocery store the day before or order food to be delivered and just luxuriate in the nothingness of the day. It will really feel like you’re playing hooky, when in reality, you’re just taking good care of yourself.

Treat yourself to a new fragrance. Don’t have a lot of time, but want to feel like a treasure? Head to the beauty department in your favorite department store, and spend a while smelling all of the different fragrances. Rather than relying on nostalgia to help us find our new signature scent, find a scent that most represents you at this moment in your life, and who you aspire to be. A new signature scent is also a wonderful way to begin that new chapter in your life.

Remember, treating yourself with the respect you deserve takes time, patience and some creativity. There are no rules, except one: you need to take time to do it as often as you can.

Candlelit bubble bathMoll:

Moll Wants To Know: How do you treat yourself like the treasure you are?

LOVE THIS! Grammy Nude Lips & Tousled Waves

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: The most glamorous night in music can bring music into our beauty routines at home, too!

Go nude. On your lips, that is! The queen of lipsticks, Lipstick Queen, has given me the perfect prescriptions to get those gorgeously naughty nude lips that were all over the Grammys red carpet.

Be like Beyonce = Lipstick Queen Big Bang in Expansion ($22) + Nude Sinner ($22)

57th GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsMoll:

Glam like Gwen = Lipstick Queen Nude Metal ($24)


Take it away like Taylor = Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude ($22)


Kill it like Kim = Lipstick Queen Peachy Nude Sinner ($22) + Butterfly Bell in Float ($24)

57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsMoll:

Rock it like Rihanna = Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Star System ($50)


Beach babe it like Behati. We can’t all be married to the king of pop, but we can get the queen of rock’n’roll’s hair.


The queen to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine – Behati Prinsloo – rocked her straight bangs with an effortless boho beach wave. Only, like everything in Hollywood, it wasn’t exactly effortless. But now you can get this same heavenly hairstyle at home, thanks to her celebrity hairstylist, Gio Campora, who gave yours truly the tress tips:

1) Starting with wet hair, work in Herbal Essences Bombshell Babe Smoothing Mousse and blow dry loosely without using a brush to keep the hair’s natural wave and texture.

2) Next, put hair in large rollers so they don’t create too much of a curl but still give hair a bit of wave and volume

3) Leave the rollers in for about 45 minutes

4) Once you remove the rollers, mist Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Dry Oil Spray to give the hair amazing movement and a smooth, silky texture

5) Finish the look with Herbal Essences Set Me Up Max Hold Hairspray for an all-night hold.

HerbalEssences2 copyMoll:

Next? Why, dance, dance, dance the night away, of course…even if it’s just in your own living room.

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: When rocking nude lips and boho waves, there’s only one rule when it comes to the eyes – lots and lots of drama. For the quickest Moll Must for dramatic eyes, apply strip lashes. Even if you have no other eye makeup on, these fluttery wonders will brighten, widen and awaken the eye, all while adding an extra splash of sultriness.

Life really is the ultimate roller coaster – filled with ups and downs – that both terrify and excite us. But how do we get back up when the rollercoaster of life has gotten us down? I see life as a beautiful book, filled with plot twists and turns and characters that come in and out of our lives. So, like a book, why not view our life as a series of chapters and use each new chapter as a chance to reinvent ourselves? Stars do it all the time, so why can’t you?

To move forward, look back. But don’t look back for too long. You want to look back at your past chapters, simply to see what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you. At what times were you happiest in your life? When did you find yourself struggling the most? Even if that trying time of struggle is happening right now, by looking back – for just a bit – and playing your life like a movie, where you can see what worked and what didn’t, you’ll have the perfect starting point for starting your new chapter.

Make a list. This list seems simple, but can oftentimes bring up a swell of emotion. Make two columns: “What serves me” and “What does not serve me”. List what is working for you in your life right now, and also list the things that are making life more of a struggle. Little by little, taking out the things that do not serve us will lead to a full, complete life that serves us in every way.

Start fresh. Once we’ve determined what has and what has not worked in the past, and what does and does not serve us currently, we can make a change. I recommend seeing this change as a fresh start. Whether it’s moving to a new town or to a new apartment, joining a gym, looking for a new job, or seeking counseling, a fresh start can work wonders. By having faith that things will work out, and taking that – at times – frightening first step, you’re already investing in yourself, ensuring that your life will improve.

Surround yourself with good people. Even if you do everything above, if you don’t surround yourself with the right people, you won’t have the support you need. So be sure to have a few choice people around you who love and support you unconditionally. If you’re in a time of transition, and don’t feel that you have a good team around you, or if you feel alone, consider joining a church, a club, or seeking out support groups, such as Al-Anon, or groups that help with mourning or loss.

Write your new chapter. Literally. How would you like this new chapter to go? With all of the visualization work we did in January, use some of those exercises to help write this new chapter. Depict your setting, feel the feelings, and put pen to paper to create your new dream chapter. While your chapter might not end up looking exactly like what you write, it at least gets you thinking of the possibilities ahead.


Moll Wants To Know: What does your new chapter look like?

This week as Valentine’s Day approaches, I want to introduce you to our first guest blogger, Ashley Anderson. As a newlywed, Ashley shares her favorite loves, from home to travel, with healthy recipes, and fabulous finds, and of course a touch of romance. This week I am sharing her modern flirty spin on celebrating Valentine’s Day because as you know, I love seductive tables for two, especially when they are in the bedroom.


Valentine's Day Cheers  (1)admincw:

I am so delighted to share with you a modern, flirty spin on Valentine’s Day. The day falls on Saturday this year, so I created a Breakfast in Bed theme, decorating with pinks and reds of course, but interjecting splashes of black and white. I love the way the pinks and reds pop among the clean backdrop. I made the DIY table runner and place mats with a roll of paper and black acrylic paint from the craft store. It was fun and easy to create. The black and white element also gives this a more modern appeal, making this perfect for everyone. I cleared off the few items on our dresser to create an impromptu bar cart. To add to the ambiance, I left little love notes and cards around the room and in unexpected places throughout our home.  My favorites are these 1940’s Kiss Cards, which include cheeky love quips and phrases. You add an imprint of your lips to the top.



For the menu, I am sharing my recipe for Love Potion mimosas. I am a huge fan of blood oranges right now; they taste sweeter than a regular orange and are the prettiest shade of ruby red. I always add a splash of St-Germain, though this is optional. St-Germain is a French liqueur made from Elderflower, and it has quickly become my favorite. And what is a celebration without champagne?  On Valentine’s Day we are celebrating all things love and romance. I will always drink to that!  My favorite part about the Love Potion cocktail is the hot pink sanding sugar that I used around the rim of the glass.  Hot pink is flirty and fun, and I cannot get enough of it right now.


unnamed-7 (1)admincw:
unnamed-9 (1)admincw:

To round out the menu, I have included a link to my blog, where I shared the tastiest, most colorful Raspberry & Vanilla Chia seed parfait and my simple and delicious Avocado Toast. When it comes to breakfast in bed, I like to make it as simple as possible, giving you more time to relax and enjoy. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for a flirty and fun Valentine’s Day with the one you love. Enjoy! xo


Love Potion Mimosas


1 bottle of Champagne or Sparkling wine

4-5 blood oranges, juiced


Pink sanding sugar {optional}


  1. Rub the rims of each champagne flute with a blood orange wedge.  Press the glass into the sanding sugar.
  2. Juice 4-5 blood oranges and pour the juice into a cocktail shaker.
  3. Add a couple of splashes of St-Germain {a little is all you need}.
  4. Shake to mix the St-Germain and Blood Orange juice {you could also just stir to mix}.
  5. Top with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine.
unnamed (6)admincw:

Thank you Ashley for sharing your modern, flirty Valentine’s breakfast for two. For more inspiring ideas from Ashley Anderson, check out her full blog!

|| All photos by: Amy Elizabeth Photography ||

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and for many people out there, it is no easy time. This Valentine’s Day, instead of dreading it, look at it as an opportunity to fall deeper in love with the biggest love you’ll ever have: you. Loving ourselves is the fastest fast track to happiness there is, but why does it have to be so challenging? Just like you, I have struggled – and still struggle – with how to love myself unconditionally, every day. And if you’re feeling depressed or defeated, it might seem like the hardest thing to do. That’s why this week, I’m here to bring you a few steps that can bring you closer to truly loving yourself, exactly as you are right now. Because it really is the greatest love of all.


What makes you happy? Make a list of what brings happiness into your heart…and then do those things. Rather than seeing the obstacles to being able to do what you love (lack of time, resources or opportunities), look for what you can do right now to show yourself that you, and your interests, matter.


Push perfectionism to the curb. There really is no such thing as “perfect”. You can do something well and you can do something poorly, but perfection is relative. So, rather than asking yourself if it’s perfect, ask yourself if you did your best. If you never aim to be perfect, you’ll never fail. And if you did your best, you’ll always succeed.


Savor the magic of the moment. Life moves so fast that it’s easy to look toward the future and miss the magical moment you’re living right now. And, that’s what life is – a long series of moments. Remember, the old saying – “What makes life so sweet is that it will never come again.” Soak up every second to live your best life.


Forgive everyone. This includes yourself, too. Especially yourself. Holding onto resentment towards others – and even, more so – towards ourselves breeds resentment and regret. Like songs say, “Shake it off” and “Let it go!” Life is too short to hold on to negative feelings.


What do you like about yourself? Again, with the lists, but make a list of what you love about yourself. What’s your biggest accomplishment? What makes you unique What is one of your funniest memories? By treating yourself like a precious, living, loving person, it’s a lot easier to be gentler with that monster we sometimes see in the mirror.


Show yourself the love. Give yourself the kind of unconditional love that you give to others. Nurture yourself by taking a long walk, relaxing in a bubble bath, or going to your favorite lunch spot for no other reason except to spoil yourself. My motto? If it feels good, do it, within reason of course.


This Valentine’s Day, when you see those red and pink paper hearts strung up everywhere, let it be a reminder that as much as you have the capacity to love others, that capacity is expanded by loving yourself just a little bit more.



Moll Wants You To: Turn on Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love Of All”, I mean really blare it on the speakers, and sing along. You can’t listen to that song, without loving yourself a little more.

LOVE THIS!  If we ever needed a superhero, it’s for anti-aging!

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: When fighting the effects of aging, it’s good to have a superhero on your side.

Just because it’s golden…doesn’t mean it has to cost you a bucket of gold. L’Oreal Paris continues to make anti-aging treatments that add youth to your skin, without depleting your bank account. Right now, I really like L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum ($24.99). Let’s be honest here – as skin ages, cell renewal decreases dramatically (a little too dramatically if you ask me), and leaves skin looking dry, dull and thin. This speeds surface skin cell renewal, revealing millions (MILLIONS!!) of new skin cells each day for fresher, more youthful looking skin. Instantly, your skin feels smoother and softer, and in 1 month flat, your skin feels firmer (yes, please), replumped, renewed and full of life.


Get fresh. Black tea has always been used for depuffing in ancient civilizations, and now it’s found its way to the Silverlake hipster crowd. Why? Because Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream ($85) fights free radicals with depuffing powerhouses, known as peptides, and collagen-boosting lychee seed extract. And I love the term “Age Delay.”

black tea eye concentrate

Fill it in. Retinol can wreak havoc on sensitive skin, but this .01% version, La Roche Posay Redermic [R] ($,56.99) gives you the plumping and line-filling ingredients of retinol, without the dramatic irritation. I’ll say it again – when it comes to anti-aging- it’s the only time I want to hear “plump” used as a selling point.


Don’t neglect the neck. I could say “Don’t do it,” but we all do it. We neglect the neck. And it’s a sad thing, because the neck is the first place we see aging. Even if it’s as simple as adding a bit more face cream into your palm at night and applying to the delicate décolletage, this act alone over time can reduce the appearance of aging. I highly recommend investing in a specifically targeted neck cream, such as StriVectin’s Best Neck Skin Tightening Cream ($95). Your neck will be tightened, lifted, hydrated, smoother and more supple. And the more you use it, the more results you see. Gives a new definition to necking, doesn’t it?


Get lippy. Lips are one of the sexiest body parts, so don’t forget to take care of them, too. Headed to the gym or grocery store? Carry Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint ($24) in your purse. Not only, will it give you a subtle flush of color for natural-looking, beautiful lips, but it’s a powerhouse for your pout in that it’s ultra-moisturizing, wards off collagen loss and wrinkles, and has an impressive dose of antioxidants (the impressive equivalent to 10 glasses of red wine, minus the hangover, thank you very much).



Moll’s Bag of Tricks: Here’s a true trick I learned from a friend. Out of neck cream? Apply hand cream to your neck and décolletage. Out of hand cream? Likewise, apply neck cream. While the skin textures might be different, the ingredients that fight anti-aging on these specific regions are the same.

Today on The Doctor’s I have a “Messy Girl” Intervention and help create a relaxing, tranquil retreat in one viewer’s bedroom, bringing calm to the chaos. A special thank you to ZGallerie for the beautiful bedroom furnishings. For more information on these spectacular pieces, click on the links below. Watch it here!Bedroom_Before2





Bedroom Side Table_Mirror copy

ZGallerie Bedroom Products copy

Roberto Bed  ||  York Collection Blanket   ||  Adison End Table  ||  Mongolian Pillow  ||  Greek Key Table Clock  ||  Chinchilla Throw  || Montecito Bedding  ||  Addison 6 Drawer Tall Chest  ||  Margeaux Table Lamp  ||  Santorini Mirror


 Watch Moll’s Messy Girl Intervention and Bedroom Makeover Segment Here.