Earth Day is days away and we all need to do a little more for the environment, whether that means giving up plastic water bottles or eating smarter. My guest tomorrow on The Moll Anderson Show is going to help us go gorgeously green! Green expert Sophie Uliano joins us to share some great tips-going green doesn’t mean you still can’t be gorgeous. You’ll learn that from all of her “Gorgeously Green” books. She is a fixture on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family” on and she is just a complete beauty inside and out! Then later in the show we feature Jennifer Rose, the Editorial Director for The Spoiled Life and The Interior Project. She tells us how to look like we are leading the spoiled life even if we are really not. Producer Susannah and I have some great articles of course, including “10 Ways to Go Green and Save.” Start by taking shorter showers, and turning off those lights that you are not using! Now with spring is in full force, it’s time to clean up those walkways and if you are out of ideas then you’ll find helpful hints in this article “Curb Appeal on a Dime.” How about adding container plants at your front door or illuminating the pathway? There are a lot of great tips! Our beauty expert Dawn McCoy is still at the Coachella Music Festival giving us inspiring beauty and fashion tips. Our hot pick song of the week is “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons. Don’t forget to write into me at for any advice. See you next week!


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Dawn McCoy calls in from Coachella Music Festival


Hot Pick Song of the Week: “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons

LOVE THIS! Kiehl’s Crème de Corps ($11 – $75, based on size)

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Forget sweater weather – it’s sundress weather!


Oh, how I love anything that leaves my skin softer! Especially in the hotter months of spring and summer, I need some serious skin hydration because my moisture-sapping busy travel schedule between Knoxville, Dallas, Santa Fe and Malibu, my skin just gets parched. Luckily, I discovered my Seductive Beauty Pick of the Week: Kiehl’s Crème de Corps ($11 – $75, based on size) a few years ago.

This non-greasy, ultra-hydrating body moisturizer keeps my skin soft and supple without feeling too heavy. After all, on a hot summer night – we might want to look hot but no one wants to feel hot, sticky or greasy. Nope, none of that here. This moisturizer sinks into the skin, hydrating at the deepest levels, leaving your skin glowing and gorgeous.

Even 12 hours after application, my skin looks and feels thoroughly hydrated. So break out those short skirts and breezy dresses! With this Seductive Beauty Pick of The Week, forget sweater weather – it’s sundress weather!

Another bonus? I love that it comes in a variety of sizes for everybody’s lifestyle and everybody’s pocketbook! For travel, the 2.5 ounce bottle is perfect. For my dressing table, I keep the 1 Liter pump for daily use. And for my guest bathroom, I supply the 8.4 ounce bottle. I wish all beauty products would provide us with size options like Kiehl’s does!

KeihlsBlog copy

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: After bathing or showering, apply lotion as the warmth of your skin will allow the moisturizer to penetrate more deeply and hydrate skin longer. Gently massage into skin – concentrating on the rough areas – such as knees and elbows. Allow to remain, and soak in a few minutes before dressing. My personal beauty trick? I apply my moisturizer and then brush my teeth as I allow it to dry a bit!

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers for no reason. Whether it’s a little pick-me-up for yourself, a generous gesture for a friend or a little surprise you pick up for your partner on the way home from work, flowers for no reason are a most loving gesture. Here are some winning tips on how flowers for no reason can cheer up a friend, your love or your home, this spring.

Spring blooms. Let’s start with what’s in bloom this spring. Among the many blooms of spring are some of the most beautiful flowers of the year including peonies, roses, orchids, cherry blossoms, poppies, tulips, lilac, hyacinths, dahlias and more. Try combining some of these spring blossoms that speak most to you. Or if you’re choosing as a gift for the lady in your life – whether that be your mother, wife, girlfriend or best friend, choose a winning, classic combo such as peonies and roses.

Keep it in the family. If you’re torn as to what you should give or get for yourself, just keep it simple. Choose a bouquet featuring just one flower – such as the classic dozen roses. And if you want to spice it up a bit, choose a few different hues of roses and pair together or choose eleven white roses with one pink or red rose for a splash of color.

Let color be your guide. Knowing what color delights you – or your recipient – most, you can design a whole bouquet beautifully. For instance, if your mom loves purple, just ask your florist to craft a bouquet within your budget with varying shades of purple. Your custom arrangement might include purple hydrangeas, orchids, lilacs, irises, lilies and lavender – all of which are sure to delight!

And remember, there’s no need to be intimidated by all of the floral options out there. All of those choices just mean that you can’t go wrong if you get creative and give from the heart!

SpringFlowers2 copy

Moll Wants To Know: Which spring blossom is your favorite?

I am SO excited to be partnering with VAUNTE to raise money for UNICEF. As you know, this is a cause and organization very close to my heart, so I’m selling some of my favorite  pieces in my wardrobe. There are some beautiful things  from Gucci, Zac Posen, Ralph Lauren, & more!!

Shop my closet on Vaunte and support UNICEF today!!!


LOVE THIS! Oribe Crème For Style ($38)

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Just because your mane is tame doesn’t mean you have to be!


Ask women what their top beauty essential is and most will answer “mascara.” I beg to differ. If you ask me, our top beauty essential is good hair. Hair that looks smooth, shiny and sexy can make your look, while fried, damaged and out-of-control hair can totally break your look.

That’s why I rely on my Seductive Beauty Pick of the Week: Oribe Crème For Style ($38) to tame my mane. This one product does so much that the others just don’t do. First of all, you’ll love it because it will love your hair no matter what the texture – straight, curly, wavy, fine or thick – this stuff doesn’t discriminate when it comes to helping good hair become great hair.

With just a small amount, it offers flexible, all-day hold while taming frizz with its rich – yet non-heavy – moisturizers. Geranium, lavender and chamomile extracts hydrate the hair while green tea extract and vitamin E deliver those antioxidant properties that we love. And while it doesn’t sound pretty, guar gum helps make your coif even prettier by eliminating that pesky frizz and static.

But just because your mane is tame, don’t think that means you have to be! Have some fun with it!

photo (4)

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: This is a pretty easy one to use, thank goodness! Just release a quarter-sized dollop and warm it up between fingers. Apply evenly throughout your mane and presto! You’ve got tantalizing tresses.

Spring provides us with so many chances to soak in that sunshine before summer heats things up. Rather than counting down the days ‘til summer begins, live in the moment and savor spring for everything it has to offer. Here are my picks for sweet, sweet ways to celebrate spring!

Treat yourself to tulips. There’s no flower that screams spring quite like this cheerful flower. Buy a bunch of tulips and place them somewhere in your house where you’ll see them every day. It’s the easiest (and most cost-efficient way) to put a smile on your face.

Soak in the season. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors while the sun is shining yet the weather is still on the cooler side. Opt to sit outside at your favorite restaurant. Visit your local botanical garden or make a date to see the seasonal blooms in your area such as cherry blossoms, dogwoods or bluebonnets. Have a picnic in your local park. Visit a farm and enjoy the simplicity of the animals. Or make a day of planting some new plants in your own yard.

Get sporty this spring. Use this time to up your cardio and burn some calories while enjoying the sights of spring!  Grab your friend or partner and take a long Sunday bike ride together. Head to the courts and play a few matches of tennis. Go horseback riding to switch up your routine a bit. Join a softball team – or organize a casual game with your friends, coworkers or neighbors. Or simply take a long stroll or jog outside to breathe in that fresh air.

Tantalize the taste buds. Spring brings a slew of delicious tastes to the table. Try to really savor all spring has to offer. For a dinner date, steam an artichoke and serve with a warm butter sauce. Pick up a Cadbury’s cream egg and relish it with a cup of afternoon coffee or tea. Eat a ripe piece of spring stone fruit – such as an apricot. Bake a fresh strawberry pie. Or for the ones who enjoy a cocktail, mix up a pitcher of margaritas – no need to wait for Cinco de Mayo!

Live in the moment. Breathe in the air. Enjoy the little things that make life so sweet. That’s what spring is all about.

SpringBlog copy

Moll Wants To Know: What’s your favorite thing to do in the springtime?

LOVE THIS! Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer ($24)

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Concealer that creases is not cute!


When I wake up, I’m not exactly, ahem, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Nope, it takes a minute for me to wake up and I have a regimen that works for me. Whatever your morning wake-up regimen is – whether it’s a hot shower, a strong cup of coffee or reading the morning newspaper –my Seductive Beauty Pick of the Week: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer ($24) is one step you should find time to include.

This concealer instantly wakes up your face and makes your eyes look brighter, wider and more awake. The key ingredient of maracuja oil makes this concealer the star that it is in the beauty world. This hydrating, anti-aging oil helps to improve skin’s texture and tone while leaving your complexion with a dewy and luminous finish.

A little dab will do you as this powerful product offers long-lasting, full coverage in a rich, creamy texture. So why else is this my pick this week? Because as we head into hotter weather, this is a heat-and-humidity-defying must-have. Once applied, it won’t smudge, crease, flake or need reapplying. After all, who has time for all of that when that spring sun is shining, anyway?

Cincealer copy

Moll’s Bag of Tricks: Using the pads of your fingertips (preferably your ring fingers as you’ll apply less pressure meaning less wrinkles later on down the line), press the creamy concealer onto under-eye area. Then use a brush or finger to blend gently by pressing into the skin. Another tip? This works beautifully when applied to conceal one of those pesky blemishes.

It’s not just brides that benefit from the old adage, “something old, something new,” we can all benefit by looking back into the yesteryear of fashion and combining some of those elements with the edginess of today. Here are my picks for vintage-inspired spring fashion that are too fun not to try!

Pretty Pastels. Those ladies of the 1950′s – such as Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day – sure loved their pastels. Maybe that’s why I’ve always considered pastels to be fiercely feminine. Well, the past is making a comeback. Consider pastel the new neutral in your wardrobe. From lilac to lavender and mint to mandarin, pastels are reigning supreme this spring. Pick your favorite or most figure-flattering shade and wear these pretty, powdered hues with elegance and ease. From a simple shell under your linen jacket to a vintage-inspired dress for a date night out, you can’t help but feel anything but pretty in pastel.

Pastels copy

Grace Kelly-Inspired Skirts. The on-trend skirts of the season are more a blast to the past than a vision of the future. Or are they? These tea-length skirts were all the rage on the runways this year. Whether it was a classic throwback reminiscent of the 1950s or a modernized take on the classic skirt with metallic elements, these skirts are here to stay…at least for the season. Paired with a sweater, cropped top or fitted shell, these skirts are staples to hang on to. By having a traditional bottom, your top can afford to have a little edge or sexiness to it.


Shifty Business. Another staple you’re gonna wanna have this season is the shift blouse. This more sophisticated big sister of the classic tee is just what you need for a lunch with friends, a casual dinner with the hubby or a PTA meeting. With a sleeve that stops right around the elbow, this top is the perfect blouse to have in the season between winter and summer. Just long enough to keep you warm and just short enough to keep you cool, this top can be as simple or luxurious as you wish. The boxy structure will help make your look appear more cohesive no matter what you’re wearing on the bottom. Be adventurous with this piece and choose options with embellished necklines, patterns and prints. Try pairing with a sleek, cigarette skirt or capris for a little retro throwback.

ShiftBouse copy

Vintage-Inspired Pieces. Speaking of retro, vintage-inspired pieces are all the rage this season. From jewelry to hair accessories to 50s-inspired cocktail dresses and 70s palazzo pants, the past is majorly influencing our present…at least in the sense of fashion. Rather than filling your closet with all vintage pieces, consider adding a few pieces that can work seamlessly with what you already own. For instance, a beaded shell from the 60s or a fringed leather jacket from the 70s can be beautiful when worn with more modern pieces. Or try pairing a vintage-inspired, chunky jeweled necklace with your favorite little black dress to turn your old standby into your new favorite.

VintageInspired copy

Moll Wants To Know: Which fashion trend of the past do you wish would make a comeback?

LOVE THIS! Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme ($9)

LOVE IT NOW BECAUSE: Soft soles are so much sweeter to play footsy with!


Like many women, I love the way my legs look when I wear heels but my feet pay the toll for the price of beauty. That’s why my Seductive Beauty Pick of the Week: Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme ($9) is here to save the day!

Burt’s Bees calls this product “a tropical treat for feet” and boy, is it!  This drugstore find-foot cream rehydrates and rejuvenates dry feet with rich coconut oil while rosemary and peppermint extracts refresh and revive tired feet.

It really is a magical treat for your feet! I recommend applying before bedtime as skin is most penetrable at night. More hours of soaking in while sleeping means more hydrated feet when you wake up. You’ll see a difference after the first night but when used over several consecutive nights, you’ll be surprised at how intense the results are.

Before bed, I recommend soaking your feet in a bath or in a tub of hot water for 10-15 minutes. Exfoliate with a pumice stone or an exfoliating cloth to remove dead skin. Massage Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme into dry feet, paying extra special attention to rough spots or calluses. Then, slip on your favorite, comfy cotton socks and let that moisture saturate your feet. You’re guaranteed to wake up with softer, smoother soles in the morning. primed to perfection for playing footsy!


After all, just because you wear killer heels doesn’t mean your feet have to kill!

Spring is all about new beginnings! So why not begin anew when it comes to your wardrobe this season? No, I’m not suggesting you go out and spend beyond your means to fill your closet with all new clothes. Rather, I’m suggesting that you look at your closet and really take note of the pieces that delight you and then head to the store – or vintage shop – to see what inspires you there. By adding in a few choice pieces and mixing the best of yesterday with the best of today, you can have a whole new wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here are my choice trends that you should try this season!

Menswear-Gone-Femme. If you ask most men out there, they’ll tell you that there’s nothing sexier than the woman they love wearing their collared shirt to bed. There’s just something forbidden about it. But this spring, menswear is anything by forbidden. To serve up a slice of coquettishness with your collared shirt, consider shirts with textures (such as stripes or plaid) paired with a contrast collar. You’ll serve up effortless style and sophistication with a side of sexy.


Sweater Weather. While Los Angeles and Texas may be feeling the heat this spring, New York must have known they would still be in the cold this season when designers debuted this spring trend. Sweaters are all the rage! Paired with the aforementioned tea length skirt, wide-leg trousers or fuller shorts, light sweaters are the most versatile top you’ll find. My suggestion would be to select one solid-colored sweater, one textured sweater (with stripes or a pattern) and one statement sweater (upon which is a picture, logo or saying). That way, you can mix up your sweaters depending on your mood.


Tuxedo-Striped Trousers. What’s not to love about these pants? They’re sleek, sophisticated and – best of all – slimming! The stripe on the side of these slacks turns a classic, solid pant into a pant with edge. Add a more feminine top (like a blouse in a powder pink) and you’ve got the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. Pair with a heel and you’ll knock your date out. And don’t just stick to black! Try a white or cream pant with a pastel, black or bold-hued stripe. It’s just the right amount of unexpected to make the night interesting.


Next week? I’m bringing you the trends that incorporate the best of yesterday with the best of today.

Moll Wants To Know: What’s your favorite spring fashion trend this season?