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  • Tap Your Way To Weight Loss

     Today we are discussing the benefits of Tapping, and I do not mean the kind with your toes. Author of “The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence,” Jessica Ortner joins us today to educate us on tapping.  Jessica gives us the tools to help reduce emotional, and stress related eating. This scientific approach uses pressure points to reduce our stress cravings. She explains exactly how to get started to a happy, and healthful life. It is really fascinating and well worth exploring!  Later in the show, breastfeeding expert and lactation consultant, Sara Chana returns to share her new app called “Sara Chana’s Savvy Breastfeeding Guide.” We also tackle some herbal allergy remedies. Producer Susannah and I have some fun dating articles including “21 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Understand.”  These will have your head nodding yes! And, we discuss “10 Signs It’s Not a Date;” I think if he calls you “dude” it’s probably not a date.  Our hot pick song of the week is “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons.  Make sure you write into me for any advice to See you next week. xoxo

  • Transform Your Life Each Morning

    Staying positive when life hits you head on is something our first guest has mastered. After being hit by a drunk driver and found dead on the scene, Hal Elrod beat all the odds. He was clinically dead for six minutes, and was in a coma for six days. After awakening from the coma, Hal was told by doctors that he would never walk again, but he defied all logic and proved that all of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity. Today Hal Elrod is not only a #1 best-selling author but also an international Keynote Speaker, and one of America’s top success coaches. He’s here to talk about his book “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM).” You definitely don’t want to miss his extraordinary story. Then later in the show we have another great guest. We all have people in our life we would just rather avoid and our guest today is going to help us with just that. Internationally known leadership development expert and author of “Make Difficult People Disappear” Monica Wofford gives us great tips on how to say NO to people, and she lets us in on why it can be so difficult. Producer Susannah and I have a couple of articles that go right along with today’s topics including “Tips to Stay Positive” and “7 Simple Ways to Say No”.  Dawn McCoy from Beauty Frosting is back to give us a fabulous Beauty Beat. Our hot pick song of the week is by Krewella and it is called “Live for the Night”. Make sure you write into me each week for any advice to See you next week!

  • Moll Talks with Stage and Screen Actress Swoosie Kurtz

    Today on the show we are so thrilled to have Emmy and Tony Award winning actress Swoosie Kurtz. From Broadway and film to television, Swoosie has done it all. Today, she is here talking about her book “Part Swan Part Goose, An Uncommon Memoir of Womanhood, Work and Family.” Swoosie explains how she got her name and she talks about her bond with her parents. She gives us an inside look into her acting career and the actors who have shared the stage and screen with her, from Carol Burnett to Melissa McCarthy. You are in for a real treat! Then later in the show we welcome Courtney Robertson, Season 16 winner of the Bachelor. She is here to talk about her book; “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.” She gives us her side of the story on why she was portrayed as a villain on the show, and what happened to her relationship with Bachelor Ben. Producer Susannah and I have a great couple of articles; “20 Genius Space Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase.” There are a lot of useful tips in this one! And we have an article for dates, “8 Laid Back Summer Dates” - music to our ears. Have some fun with post-it notes, and sipping wine under the stars. Later Dawn McCoy from drops in to give her Beauty Beat and she does not disappoint with her Bobbi Brown summer line, beautiful bronzers and lipsticks. Our hot pick song of the week is the one and only Jennifer Lopez called “First Love. “Don’t forget to write to me each week at for any advice at See you next week xo!

  • More Girl Talk With Brooke Burke-Charvet

    Today I am bringing back girl talk with my good friend Brooke Burke-Charvet. She is here today and we are talking about balancing your career, family, workout time, and oh yeah some good old me time! I am so thrilled to have one of my best gal pals to talk about these personal topics. If you find yourself never having the time for a special night out, or not having time for just yourself, then you need to tune in to this show and let go of the guilt! Producer Susannah and I throw in some great articles to help with this topic, like “The Top 10 Tips for Balancing Work and Family,” and “10 Compliments Guys Give You and What They Actually Mean.” Our hot pick song of the week is heating up the charts, it’s by Maroon 5 and its called “Maps.” Don’t forget to write into me each week with any questions See you next week! Xo

  • Giving Back, Changing Lives

    Today’s show is all about giving back! I share with you my field visit with UNICEF that is very dear to my heart. I journeyed to Jamaica to participate in some of UNICEF’s life changing programs, and the experience was life changing for me too. Then later, we invite on the Director of One Hope Community, Haley Harris Bell. You are going to love this way of giving back. Haley stops in the Moll house to talk about how fun and easy it is to help a cause by popping a cork. That’s right I’m talking about wine tasting parties. And Producer Susannah and I have found some great articles to go with the topic. “How to Choose a Service Organization to Join” and “Ways to Give Back to Your Community.” It’s not all about writing a check; your time matters too. Our hot pick song of the week will get you believing again, it’s called “Believer” by the American Authors. See you next week! Xo

  • Bringing Back The Dogs

    Today, I am bringing back the pet show. Renowned pet psychic and author Sonya Fitzpatrick is here. You can hear her on her own Sirius XM radio show, but she is here today to talk about her book “There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven.” For those of us who have lost a pet, Sonya offers comfort with her understanding of the afterlife of animals. Did you know animals share with humans and even other animals? She also shares how animals are capable of communicating their thoughts and feelings just as humans do, so I was able to get some insight into my puppy Winston. Then later in the show we welcome celebrity stunt dog trainer Kyra Sundance. She has a newly released book filled with fun activities with your kids and dogs. It’s called “101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition: Fun and Easy Activities, Games and Crafts.” Kyra is amazing; you won’t want to miss her helpful hints on dog training. Producer Susannah and I have some great dog articles to talk about including “Dog Games, and Puppy Training Tips.” Our hot pick song of the week is “MMM Yeah” by Austin Mahone featuring Pitbull. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  • Looking for Mr. Good Enough

    Author Frances Kuffel has had much success with her past memoirs “Passing for Thin” and “Eating Ice Cream With My Dog.” We are thrilled to have her here to talk about her newest book “Love Sick: A Memoir about Looking for Mr. Good Enough.” She is witty and seriously funny, and we are excited to talk to her today. Then later in the show we invite on beauty and fashion expert Kate De Ponte to talk about school survival tips. There are so many apps that are going to help with your back-to-school shopping that you are just going to love. And wait till you hear what Coin is and how it is going to clean out your wallet. Producer Susannah and I have some articles that go right along with our fabulous guests, “12 Unexpected Things Men Find Sexy.” What about that messy unkempt hair and don’t forget about those baseball caps. Another article is “10 Back to School Shopping Tips that Save Money!” Well I know everyone is all about saving money- from backpacks to shoes, to the endless supplies, you are going to need as much help as possible. Our Beauty Beat expert Dawn McCoy from gives a fabulous hairbrush tip called the Wet Brush. If you have the type of hair that always tangles, this is for you especially on those rushed mornings with the kids. Our hot pick song of the week is quickly climbing the charts; it is by Clean Bandit and it is called “Rather Be. “ Write in to me each week for any advice at See you next week! xo

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