Set the Stage for Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t gotten started on making Valentine’s Day plans, don’t worry it’s not too late to set the stage for romance. I’m thinking you should play up the sensual vibe in your home.

Here are a few keys to creating a seductive space: scent, music, fashion and flowers. And yes, they are all affordable elements that anyone can incorporate in their day-to-day living.

Let’s start with candles: stick to vanilla–it’s the number one scent men are drawn to. Now, dim the lights, turn on that seductive playlist, add some flowers, pour the bubbly and don’t forget to dress for the event.

You’re on your way to a sexy evening and if you keep it up, a glamorous and seductive life.

A sensual home makes you feel seductive so go ahead and fill it with things that appeal to your senses. That’s the trick for this special day! What you see, feel, hear, touch and even taste will manifest itself into who you are, making your Valentine’s Day a wonderful, sensual experience.

What are you waiting for?

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